Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit places only once a year. I visited the NSW Parliament as Andrew Tink was launching his book at the NSW Parliamentary Chambers. The Governor: Professor Marie Bashir AC Professor Bashir, the first woman to be appointed Governor of NSW, who took up her office on 1 March 2001 made a number of complimentary observations including the fact that every library should have a copy of Andrew’s book. She quoted Wentworth is stating that the squatters’ 8 million sheep and half a million cattle provided an annual income of $2 million pounds. By contrast, Sydney merchants were simply engaged in exchanging one commodity for another … productive of absolutely nothing.. The current Speaker Richard Torbay who was inspired by John Hatton to enter politics explained in a very entertaining way the reasons why Andrew picked William Charles Wentworth - because he was very important to the way we live today in two ways, the first was opening up new grazing lands by going over the Blue Mountains, but most importantly the way the government system was set up to today. Andrew gave us a number of vinaigrett such as this story He designation of William Charles Wentworth as “Australia’s greatest native son” is that of Manning Clark. William Charles Wentworth: Australia’s Greatest Native Son - Review Racy view of a rollicking life: The Australian

CODA: When Andrew Tink walked away from a distinguished career as a Liberal state MP, he knew his serious health concerns would one day take hold Andrew Tink

Outside Edge Pioneers of the Ryanair revolution
Is Michael O’Leary a child of the Soviet Union, something of a fellow traveller? OK, it might not be the first thing one associates with Ryanair’s Irish boss, the very personification of raw business drive who turned a struggling low-cost airline into a successful profit machine – all the while railing at bloated competitors and deploying a mischievous turn of phrase to generate more coverage than any marketing budget could ever deliver.

The reason I ask is that as thoughts now turn to tales of delays and lost baggage, I am transported back to the late 1970s when as a young westerner living in the Soviet Union I was presented with a vision of the future. It came in the form of a prim lecture from an official on the superiority of aviation under communism. Not only was it far more extensive and cheaper than in the west, it was less elitist. While back home air travel was for the few, in the USSR it was for the many – just another mode of public transport. Aeroflot, the national carrier, was both the world’s biggest airline and one of the cheapest, so catching the red-eye to Vladivostok was as easy as hopping on the Number 2 trolley bus on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Idealism and anger t; [The mountains around the cold war horizon began to wobble and fall over A time when hope replaced repression; Recently, the Minister for Finance and Deregulation addressed the International Corporate Governance Network 2009 Annual Conference held in Sydney. Mr Tanner discussed the future of corporate governance and, in particular, corporate and financial regulation in the post-recession global economy. He noted that "perhaps the most important lesson to take from the crisis is the need to build institutional and regulatory frameworks which fit the modern economy. FUTURE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE]
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