Sunday, June 07, 2009

For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.
GOOGLE is refusing to explain the gulf between the revenues filed in its latest accounts and the almost $1 billion paid by Australian companies to the technology giant to buy up search terms on the internet.

THE Sydney Film Festival is here in June to warm the winter nights. As I am sure you will have noticed, gossip is all the rage in every form of media. Hence, always eager to row with the flow, Tara Moss presents the insider links to writing for your delectation and delight - Twelve days, 40 films, one friend ... movie heaven Sydney Film Festival

John W went out to see the light show in Circular Quay last night and here are some preliminary results Coathanger City

Film & Festivals Magical moments and lots of intrigue
THE Sydney Film Festival's competition heated up at the weekend with three very different films - each strikingly inventive in their own way.

Many people enjoyed the opening night's film, Looking for Eric, but it is the whole festival experience, not individual films, which make it special …
An in-the-loop man. That's the only thing Balls is good at. The ultimate back-room boy, a princeling of complicity and spin. The British invented swearing and this movie is the apex of swearing. The movie, about a series of misunderstandings and diplomatic miscues between the American and British governments that accelerates the march to a war in the Middle East, features some of the most creative obscenities we’ve ever heard. Of course, this being a family-oriented blog, here are the best samples of indelicate language that get thrown around the film’s versions of the White House and 10 Downing Street, as safely as we can reproduce them: “________-ity bye”
In the Loop’: Don’t Fill in the Blanks

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• · I have to make an admission. I have been making feature films for 29 years and have never been to the Sydney Film Festival. And I've never watched Citizen Kane, either. At least, not all the way through. Why film critics are more dangerous than Godzilla ; Awarding time; SFF added plenty of links to video recordings of some of the most popular events, thanks to our friends at Slow TV and ABC. You can find them on the SWF Facebook group or at with more to be added over the next few weeks. More images
• · During this Sydney Writers' Festival, spare a thought for all the writers who are prying themselves away from the creative solitude of their laptops, nervously bracing for the unpredictability of public panel debates, interviews with strangers and exchanges with sweaty-palmed fans. When writers' festivals turn into Twilight Zone episodes ; Sydney is playing host to an array of great thinkers, philosophers and authors from Australia and around the world for the nation's largest literary event. Thousands of people have descended on the precinct at Walsh Bay on Sydney Harbour for the Sydney Writers Festival, to hear writers talk about their work. Philosophers ; Feast of words at Writers Festival
• · · Political satire in the US has a history as long as the republic, being a hallmark of the post-independence newspapers. put on satire to capture the spirit of the nation The satirists’ manifesto ; Somehow Gordon Brown found a banana grin to stick over his mouth at 11.58am as he entered the Commons. He was accompanied by his deputy, Harriet Harman, round-shouldered, goofily over-excited. As moony Harriet clopped in, did her own thoughts flitter to the premiership? Why not? Regicide can ignite dreams. One politician's disaster is another's opportunity Gordon Brown
• · · This report covers Australians' attitudes and behaviours to online security and privacy; issues of digital confidence and skills; take-up and use of the internet; and factors which influence people’s decisions to participate or not participate online. Australia in the digital economy: trust and confidence ; This report discusses the roles, functions and procedures of the modern Australian shadow cabinet. It aims to redress the shortage of material on the Shadow Cabinet, and provide the reader with a better understanding of what the Shadow Cabinet does and how it operates. In the shadows: the shadow cabinet in Australia
• · · · · Mascots. They're undervalued. They're unappreciated. But, hey, they love it. We follow three mascot performers as they reach turning points in their careers. Chris travels the country performing as Reggy the Purple Party Dude. Reggy has his own talk show, he's the official spokes-character of the Mascot Hall of Fame and he fights for the rights of mascots everywhere. Mascots ; Consumers have recalibrated the way they spend. The value of every purchase is being reconsidered… Consumption patterns are in the process of being irreversibly reordered, and business must respond Value
• · · · · · Bluest Mountains Have An Out Of Body Experience‏ with Michael