Monday, July 14, 2008

Many Happy Returns - Happy Birthday to Steve M and Christopher as well as Lydia C - the pillars in my life ...

In the early days of this blog, I posted a link to Wikipedia and its founder Jimmy Wales in The Guardian: IGNORANCE and poverty, which go hand in hand with totalitarianism and control, continue to be widespread. Yet it turns out that as we have given a voice to millions of people with a mission to build "the sum of all human knowledge", nearly all of them are able to do so with kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness. Each of us, coming to a project like Wikipedia for our own reasons, can help to build something that, I think, shows the promise of the future, our dreams of peace, to be within reach …

The old management rule to measure what matters is a good one. The problem is that the stuff that matters is always the hardest to measure, but we can't let that stop us. Let's measure up, rather than measure down... The Happiness Challenge

Birth of Joy The Power of the Personal: Peak Performance

The consolation of philosophy is needed as much now in the corporate world as it was in the time of Aristotle and Socrates and possibly more so. Lessons in ethical decision making and business ideas from the great philosophers. Articles includes discussion of example of courses run for the executives of the Dutch tax office (Tax and Customs Administration).

Philosophers,; [; On the back of a belief that lessons learned in one area may be applicable in others experts in differing fields were canvassed for their vies and practical recommendations on improving efficiency and productivity in the key areas of management, staff, individual growth, process and energy use Lessons in efficiency and productivity ]
• · In this companion to last year's white paper, IDC again calibrates the size (bigger than first thought) and the growth (faster than expected) of the digital universe through 2011 The diverse and exploding digital universe: an updated forecast of worldwide information growth through 2011; When most people think about the Internal Revenue Service, the terms user-friendly and accessible are not the first ones that spring to mind. However, Richard Spires, IRS' deputy commissioner of operations support, hopes that will change after the service completes its massive information technology modernization effort to integrate older systems and make its filings electronic. Spires is leading an effort to take the tax agency online through a series of modernisation efforts that are projected to have all IRS forms on the agency's e-platform by 2014 IRS modernisation webpage; IRS bullish about modernization ; The line between work and play is becoming increasingly blurred. So it's a good idea to be careful about the personal information you allow to go online. Information published on the internet is there for a very long time and you have very limited control over it. It's about who knows you
• · · CIOs who are serious about developing leaders in their group have to be willing to invest time in their people and to give them opportunities to grow, even if that means letting them fail sometimes How to develop the next generation of IT leaders ; To successfully embed corporate responsibility and sustainability within organisations, there needs to be a focus on developing the mindset and skills of individual managers, rather than simply introducing new policies and procedures (pdf) Leadership for sustainable organisations
• · · · By increasing openness and collaboration at the management level and bridging communication gaps, management teams, particularly in IT, will lead by example. This will have a trickle down effect that increases communication throughout the entire organisation Secrets of successful IT teams: socially connected employees ; Workplace communities have the potential to transform knowledge work and talent management - the cornerstones of our knowledge based economy. From the anointed few to the collective many
• · · · ·, Vicki Culpin, 360º - the Ashridge journal, Spring 2008, 5p. Adequate memory allows an individual to function within a fast and ever changing business world, but a really good memory allows an individual to excel - in terms of impact, learning and decision making. This article recommends proven strategies to improve managers' memories. From goldfish to elephant - make your MARC in business: memory techniques; The Greater Manchester Police force is looking for friends - on Facebook British police use Facebook to gather evidence; Strategy draft signals intent on cybercrime
• · · · · · Newly appointed New Zealand government CIO Laurence Millar made his first post on the State Services "In Development" blog yesterday, sharing his ideas about transformed government. Millar writes that technology has always been disruptive and that information technology can be a catalyst for change in government. New government CIO posts first blog entry ; Laurence Millar ; This study defines the emerging discipline of 'customer strategy' in the 21st century, and shows how the insights of citizens can help your agency make more informed decisions, design and deliver more successful policies and programs, and improve customer service (PDF) One size fits few: using customer insight to transform government