Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's like water torture. You're left to hang and hang. I've got a couple of people who are on the verge of suiciding

I thought that bullying took only place at Czechoslovak army and NSW Parliament House, but how wrong one can be … AMBULANCE management had been grossly negligent and dismissive in handling complaints by a female officer about bullying at Cowra before she eventually committed suicide Bullying concerns fell on deaf ears CHRISTINE HODDER, 38, was a much-loved woman with a husband and a three-year-old daughter Every high-ranking ambulance person I spoke to was quite happy off the record to say this is really, really bad

Rats in the ranks: ALP in turmoil
T HE war within NSW Labor has intensified with senior ministers turning on the ALP general secretary, Karl Bitar, and his followers, accusing them of attempting to "tear down" the State Government.

The criticisms come after the Treasurer, Michael Costa, pulled out of a Labor fund-raiser citing an "unprecedented and underhanded campaign" by Mr Bitar and the NSW head office to destabilise the Premier, Morris Iemma.

A new Labour chapter?; [; ]
• · The way we select our "leaders".... "Every noble work is at first impossible"...Thomas Carlyle..... "The driving passion that has overwhelmingly governed my life, is the unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind - caused by people for their own personal gain, regardless of how severe the pain - intentionally and maliciously inflicted on innocent others."...UOJ Memoirs. Arts Journal Blog ; All great people are only "one" person!
• · The film industry in Australia is a high-risk industry. Most films produced in Australia are only marginally profitable. Eighty percent of films released
each year in the United States lose money. The Vice President of the Bank of
America in 1981 was even more blunt: [T]ake any 160 pictures and 7 will
lose money, 2 will break even and 1 will make money The art of being in two places, and 11 jobs, at once ... ;
• · · SO WILL Peter Hall buy The Bulletin, the 128-year-old magazine that was finally killed off in January after a lingering circulation illness? New Bulletin if Australia wants it, too ; Peter Hall puts his money where his mouth is, writes Steve Meacham. From environmental pioneer to party faithful … Peter Hall has applied to become a Conservative candidate in Britain, where he spends eight months of the year. He is the millionaire fund manager whose company invests only in ethical enterprises that don't harm the environment. The Australian who gives away a quarter of his personal income to charities and other worthy causes. The save-the-rainforest pioneer who organised an anti-whaling protest outside the Japanese Embassy in London this year, "which got a bit scary". The Paul Keating fan who denounces Brendan Nelson's plan to cut petrol excise as "idiotic".. The Conservative conservationist
• · · · A FRIEND of the family of late motor racing champion Peter Brock has been linked to a series of allegedly illegal investment schemes which have netted more than $35 million from 350 investors Peter Brock and Tax Haven; Book review: 'The Trillion Dollar Meltdown' reveals the failings of some can have devastating repercussions on many. A whole new level of crazy
• · · · · THE Rudd Government has finally revealed that it will impose limits on Chinese takeovers of Australian mining companies as it grapples with a $30 billion wave of Chinese foreign investment proposals Treasurer slams gate on Chinese raids ; WAYNE Swan has signalled his readiness to block acquisitions of controlling stakes in Australian resource companies by Australia's resource customers, a move that comes amid an unprecedented run of foreign investment applications from Chinese state-owned companies Swan warns off sovereign clients who seek to own suppliers