Sunday, May 11, 2008

It is Mothers Day and June and Dial had made my weekend ... after a icy swim at the Iceberg

The purge of Liberals involved in undermining Victorian leader Ted Baillieu could reach into the offices of state or federal MPs, with several more staffers under threat of explusion over the blogging scandal that claimed a third scalp yesterday Blog crisis 'tip of iceberg' [Google that cheeky collector and gather New scalp claimed in Liberal blog scandal

Into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary Memoirs: whose truth – and does it matter?
If You're Looking for a Level-Headed Piece on Memoirs
The Christian Science Monitor has one. There's not a lot new here, but with the Seltzer furor having settled down, a little more perspective prevails. At Powell's Books, marketing manager Michal Drannen says, There was a certain amount of interest in Margaret Jones [Ms. Seltzer's pseudonym] regionally and locally. But we haven't seen a decline in sales of the genre. From my perspective, I don't think there's a general concern about the veracity of nonfiction memoirs or biographies.

It's made us cynical. He and his colleagues have developed a running joke. Whenever they come across an especially sensational life story, somebody will ask, What's the pool? How many weeks before it's exposed as fraudulent? That said, Mr. Donaghy admits, The averages are not too bad. Not that it mitigates it at all, but it's not anything I'd call a pandemic. He cites "Beautiful Boy" as one recent example of a memoir that read as especially genuine.

It made the booksellers' employees cynical ; [Two years after telling the world he was finished with writing, Gabriel Garcia Márquez has rediscovered his muse. The Nobel prizewinner is giving the final touches to "a novel of love", according to a friend. Marquez Writes Another Novel After All; Let's hear it for freedom of speech! Tibet, Zimbabwe and now Myanmar are all refusing access to journalists who want to report on the hardships of their people. NBC News World Media Dragon aims to provide a dynamic look at world events and trends -- both big and small NO JOURNALISTS ALLOWED TO TELL THE STORY ]
• · Everyone networks everyday; they just may not think they do. Everyone talks daily to a family member, a work colleague or a friend and this is a form of networking. Additionally, almost everyone meets someone new everyday. The trick is to find a way to build and maintain your network that is comfortable for you Networking: what is your NQ? ; The more information we place online and the less discriminating we are, the greater the risk of exposure to ID theft and more. Privacy and social networking; How easy is it for thieves to steal your identity? Are we making it easier for them by putting our lives online? Stolen ID ; Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is famous for his hunger Me want cookie!

• · News Creed – The internet is littered with people who don't know what they're talking about. Common sense is usually enough to separate the junk from legitimate articles, but even the most highly-regarded publications have been infiltrated by reporters who like to make things up NewsCred: Just How Trustworthy is Your Favorite Blog?; NewsCred gives you credible and quality news from your favourite news sources. News Media Dragons
• · · THE writer and social commentator Anne Manne sees this as an historic moment. We are poised at a fork in the cold river How do we want to live? ; Almost all creative ventures fail, but the successes can be spectacular Winner creates all?
• · · · The Sydney Writers' Festival director Wendy Were was excited about bringing five virtual guests to town, including Iain Banks and Alan Bennett, via LongPen technology. Virtually impossible ; Sydney Writers Festival is on next week and it is peppered with lunches – one with Czech Jana Wendt not to be missed … 200 flesh-and-blood authors
• · · · · Australia's richest literary prize won by Jozef Imrich Riches for writers ; A couple of great movies are out right now in the States and should be with the rest of the world soon. Danis checked out I’m Not There, with its great soundtrack and standout album track by Los Lobos. Here’s Danis’ review... Imrich - I’m Not There
• · · · · · After seeing Rock and Roll of Stoppards with Jeff Avril and David in the audience this is another czech artistic invasion … A documentary shot over a period of 13 years that traces the fascinating life of dissident poet turned politician Vaclav Havel, the former Czech president, has become the biggest ever theatrical release for a non-fiction film in the former Warsaw Pact Central European country … We are very excited by the success of 'Citizen Havel' at the cinemas. It has by far exceeded everyone's expectations. Directed by Pavel Koutecky (who died in 2006) and Miroslav Janek, "Citizen Havel" was 13 years in the making, with shooting beginning in 1992. 'Citizen Havel' rakes in Czech coin ; Documentary shot over a period of 13 years