Saturday, May 24, 2008

A group of Bohemians invaded the Ritz at Randwick, Mal and Gabbie, June and Richard, Dial, Bawa, Chris and Lidka – Kuba, Olek, John and Liz, Beck, Marion, Gerd was there in spirit, Jen-Jen, Kevin, Steve and Wendy and Jules, George as well as Vicki, Ana and Rudy, Catarina and Jack, Begonia and Lisa and so many others in the underground spirit such as Gina and Kevin INDY at 64 – when I am sixty four ; Movie Review: 'Indiana Jones' deserves a warm welcome The archaeology of Indiana Jones

RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL Bouncing Czech (oslovakian) on PURPOSE
Like Media Dragon Tom Stoppard share the same nicknames Bouncing Czechs – Tom was bounced from Czech Republic just before the Nazis came to get the Jews and then he escaped from Sinapore before the Japanese came in WWII (source Rock and Roll booklet)

Dangerous path; [That's what I lovingly whispered Let's never be a part again" ; You don't have to be a committed thespian or theatre aficionado to understand how the Bard's 400 year old works give inspiration Shakespeare ]
• · 2008 AD - Come to the new King of all Apple Stores in Sydneyrella – It took me twenty odd years to make the Mac CEO to see the antipodean light Reminding the world to get a little CRAZY - Can I claim my iPhone on tax? New Store in Sydney Captain Matilda; Lowest earners should pay the lowest percentage of tax
• · The Crazy Ones; Think Different
• · · When Your Nonfiction Book Idea is Stuck in the Mud; We are conditioned from birth to acquire social competence in a single culture: our own Writing Multicultural Fiction
• · · · When is that 'big bang moment', that life-changing experience, that 'peak experience' - was it that moment, is it this moment or will it be the moment around the corner? Love will tear us apart … again (… and repeat);
• · · · · Reinvigorating Literary Scholarship? Literary criticism could be one of our best tools for understanding the human condition. But first, it needs a radical change: embracing science Measure for Measure; No tax returns and now apparently no book from Cindy McCain - Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, has decided not to write her memoir after signing a book deal with Viking last month Cindy McCain Backs Out On Book Deal
• · · · · · Chasers were great on Friday night at the Enmore Theatre – if a bit too risqué for some -- From Parliament to Paris Hilton, Chaser writer Dominic Knight casts a critical eye over whatever's in the news. Rock and Roll and Chasers ; Business use of social networking is fuelling a revolution in collaboration. Social networking within the enterprise ; The first guideline regarding an employee blogging policy is simple - have one Two approaches to employee blogs