Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To steal the name of a popular blog, Media Dragon will do. The spell of history resides fully and virtually inside Media Dragon, in the immediacy of posts and attitudes so strange so tragic so defiant so otherworldly that we have to know more ;-) How to Live the Good Life For a Few Minutes a Day, Say Hello to the story of Eat, Pray, Love ;-)

Former Telecom New Zealand chief executive Peter Troughton has been detained in Australia after losing a court bid to return overseas because most of a A$5.6 million (NZ$6.4 million) personal tax bill remains unpaid Tax case dogs ex-Telecom boss

Hungry Media Dragon Road to riches
Wolseley Road, Point Piper, is the most expensive street in the most expensive suburb in Australia. Dugald Jellie walked along it, and paddled around the peninsula, to discover its secrets.

David Williamson's play Emerald City opened on January 1, 1987, with a line of self-congratulatory bravado:
What other city in the world could offer a view like this?
The Drama Theatre at the Opera House was full, the audience dressed in diamonds and pearls to watch a satire starring John Bell, Robyn Nevin and Ruth Cracknell about a frivolous society preoccupied with material success, TV ratings and waterfront real estate.
Due east across the glittering harbour, another drama played out on the knuckle of a point that since the days of Captain John Piper - the colony's "great buck, prince of hosts, leader of the world of fashion" - has been able to boast that it is home to some of Sydney's best houses, best views, best parties and best gossip-page scandal.
This tale was about location, about unfettered wealth and all the jewels and marble it could buy. It was about how the other half lived. It was a story of privilege - part soap opera, cabaret and tragedy, and its name was Wolseley Road.

• This seems to be the beauty of Sydney. It is their water as much as anyone else's . The silver skin of the harbour divides the city but it also brings us together; [ Macquarie CEO Moss to Retire, Moore to Take Helm; Tax havens lure super-rich; When the powerful can live beyond the law, corruption is never far away]
• · Maxine McKew's win left Labor planning to run ABC presenters in every seat in 2010 ; As certain as death
• · Addicts of Scrabulous, an online word game played by millions of office workers on Facebook, may soon have to go cold turkey because of a looming copyright battle with the owners of Scrabble. Mattel in war of words over Scrabulous ; Video is finally catching on with employers in a fairly big way," says Joel Cheesman, author of Cheezhead.com, a blog on Web recruiting. ... Web Advances Change the Landscape
• · · Divorcee gets day in court to claim share of £45m fortune As certain as Susan Rossiter Sangster Peacock Renouf …; Gossip Girl' producer reveals blogger's identity
• · · · On Saturday, Tyler Cowen posted a 62-word blog entry, of which 29 words constituted a quote from Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational. It was a throwaway "fact of the day" post, comparing the cost of robberies in the United States ($525 million) to the cost of employees' theft and fraud ($600 billion) Blogonomics: Even Great Commenters Can't Generate Wall Street Salaries; The last I heard, the right was feeling quite pleased with itself because there was some evidence to suggest the traffic for the top liberal blogs was trending down, while the traffic for the top conservative blogs was trending up. How the right explains the left’s online dominance
• · · · · Norman Sims has spent three decades studying literary journalism, a genre that is generally viewed in contrast to traditional newspaper journalism. But in his new book, "True Stories: A Century of Literary Journalism," Sims argues that literary journalism could be the very thing to boost newspaper readership. He recently discussed how even the earliest examples of literary journalism share aspects of one of the newest narrative forms: the blog. The Future of News: A Case for Literary Journalism; I love Gawker. Jezebel and Wonkette, two of my favorite blogs on the web, find a home under the media conglomerate's umbrella. Another reason to love Gawker Media; The 17-gigabyte file containing half-of-million photos pillaged from MySpace accounts made the Pirate Bay's top-ten list of most popular downloads over the weekend, beating out pirated copies of No Country For Old Men, Sweeney Todd and the sci-fi flick I Am Legend. MySpace's Leaked Photos More Popular Than Sweeney Todd
• · · · · · A year ago, the top stupid internet trend was the LOLcat (take picture of cat, add amusing, badly spelt caption, repeat). In 2008, the world economy is faltering and the happy LOLcat has been replaced with one ubiquitous word: FAIL. The first fail blog was Shipment of Fail ; E e-discovery field guide