Thursday, February 14, 2008

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No Art Gallery For Old Men ;-)

Sugar and Spice for Valentine's Day at the Two Good Eggs and the KIKA Everyday Etiquette: St. Valentine's love is rooted in Slavic tradition
As Media Dragon hits Google ranking of Four – the hunger for high ranking is demystified in this alert ;-) Apparently several hundred thousand readers of this website have gotten lost online in recent days on their way to this bohemian blog and accidentally clicked instead on a long story item headlined: Orgasms,media and politics, the real choice Google Alerts Can Help You Detect Misuse or Abuse of Your Work

Second Love Breeds Books: Won't you be my Valentine? Blogging Do's and Don'ts
As a media dragon and a writer, blogging can be one of the greatest ways to connect with readers of your work and other writers. But blogging can be a tricky task if you're interested in building a great readership that lasts. To make the most of your blogging, use the following tips:
Do: Narrow down your target goal and readers for your blog.

A blog without a purpose that people can recognize as soon as they enter is a blog that probably won't hold long-term interest for any one reader. Although you might think that writing on various topics and subjects will hold everyone's interest and make them wonder what's coming up next, that's not to be said for the majority of readers.

• It strikes me that is it is our first Happy St Valentine’s – no longer living in SIN – MALCHKIN ;-) XXX; Modern Love Breeds Books Over to virtual love - Cold River and Media Dragon blogging life away; [ One Step Closer to Adapting Entire Cold Rivers of Novels on YouTube; Talking with the writer behind the new Captain America.]
• · As America argues with China about the new Cold War spying James Cumes has a good timing with his play ; The data allegedly provided to China outlined every planned US sale of weapons or other military technology to Taiwan for the next five years Several arrested in Chinese spy sweep ; Reaching - Surpassing Cold War ERA
• · Sleepless in S Irreverent writer for the young wants boys to know the joys of books; For Dr Cope: Letter-writing makes a resurgence
• · ·, Jay Cross, Learning Circuits, January 2008, 4p.
To take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies, managers need to know the opportunities and the pitfalls. Implementation 2-0; People are always looking for the most effective way to deliver training. Quite often, the answer is simply a matter of creativity. The author offers comment on five of the latest training ideas: 'laughing and learning', 'hit me with knowledge' (learning risk management via poker), 'you first' (collaboration), 'point of need learning' and virtual environments. See how they learn
• · · · Brian Wolfson & Andrew St George, 360º - the Ashridge journal, Autumn 2007, 4p. What differentiates successful from unsuccessful business is execution. This article explores the concept that business schools should not only teach students how to manage, but how to execute as well, particularly bringing in the discipline of project management. PDF version - Can’t manage / won’t change ; Managing the blogging news How news and politics plays on a popular social networking service
• · · · · President Bush's proposed budget calling for the elimination of Reading Is Fundamental's (RIF) Inexpensive Book Distribution program Reading Is Less Fundamental in Bush Budget; By utilizing pre-existing networks such as Face Book, MySpace, LinkedIn, and business forums, and even creating your own business blog, you can forge the numbers Where Does Your Local Members Go Online? Psst,
• · · · · · Niche bloggers: 7 income streams for your blog ; Being whispered from ear to ear today (well, blog to blog) is the rumour that, the eight-year old site where you rate the looks of submitted faces ;-) HotOrNot website acquired for $20 million, featured girls' looks ...