Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Two Australians track the Danube in search of deeper meaning and Cold River While three French philosophers, a German filmmaker and a duck walk into a bar...

Tracking Trends Great & Small: Stand Up For The Lord
Most accounts of religious awakening feature a dark night of the soul, a moment just before God reveals his grace, when everything looks hopeless and faith seems impossible. For Brad Stine, a forty-four-year-old politically conservative, Evangelical Christian standup comic, that moment came at the end of the last millennium, when his agent and his manager both stopped returning his calls. Mired in depression and doubt, he started to question his most fundamental beliefs. As Stine recalls it, I thought: Jesus, either you’re not real or I’m missing something.
Then, one afternoon in the tiny kitchen of a one-bedroom apartment in Las Flores, California, where Stine was living with his pregnant wife and young son, he began to pray. He asked God to take over, to tell him what to do, offering to forgo wealth and fame in return for peace of mind. It was Abraham and Isaac. I finally brought the knife down on my life and my career, and said, ‘I’m willing to sacrifice this thing. I’m willing to let go of what I love most, my comedy, in order to have God

He did an impression of a Protestant, whining, Satan made me lose my job! [It’s okay to not become radicalized sole survivor. Not to push the envelope too far. Everyone has a different way of greeting, the messenger, and a different calling, as they say: It’s time to ask ourselves whether we’re to be librarians or liberators]
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