Saturday, August 07, 2004

Don't blog me, I'll blog you... Unlike real diaries, there's no point in having a blog unless someone else reads it, which is why so many of them deep link to cross-pollinate traffic...

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Creating Opportunities with Bloggers
The great thing about blogs is the fact that most bloggers have their personalities out there for all to see.
First of all, any person who starts and maintains a blog for any period of time is obviously a self starter. Without anyone giving the order to get a post written and placed on the internet, the blog owner simply does it. Being a self starter is an important trait in small business ownership.
A second characteristic of bloggers is related to the first. It's the ability to make a committment and stick to it. In the case of blogging, it's writing and posting a daily column of interest to the regular readers..

That caring about readers readily translates into such things as strong customer service and product support [ Australian Revolution of 2007 AD will not be blogged Good Bear Pit politicians will find ways to engage with the voters and those they represent; bad politicians will find ways to avoid doing this. Placing Bets On CEOs to blog for Pleasure & Profit ]
• · As many companies are discovering, Weblogs have become both a way to build relationships with customers and a battlefield Blog right, and your company gains an army of grassroots marketers. Blog wrong, and you gain an army dedicated to bringing you down [A Web musing by Sun's president fueled rumors of a possible acquisition of Cold River Don't Quote My Blog on That; Blog Round Up from CNN ]
• · · Doug Gillett, an editor with UAB's creative services department, is passionate about his politics. He has his own Internet blog, titled George W. Bush, Will You Please Go Now?! Disciplining Worker For Online Politicking [ Porn Spam Turns Bear Pittish]
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