Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Klokans, Small Wallabies, came close, oh so close, to winning the Rugby World Cup for the second time in a row. But it took the boot of Jonny Wilkinson and a determined England side to ruin Australia's dream, with the Wallabies losing 20 to 17 in the dying seconds of extra time. They say that soccer and rugby are the games holy men play in heaven.

Made in England: Australia's British Inheritance by David Malouf
Charles Dickens once observed that barristers were mistily engaged in one of the ten thousand stages of an endless cause, tripping one another upon slippery precedents, groping knee deep in technicalities, running their goat hair and horse hair warded heads against walls of words, and making a pretence of equity with serious faces, as players might.
· Australian Dickens [Australian via Wendy of Troppo Fame]