Thursday, November 21, 2002

Literature Truth is another country
There is literature of fact and literature of fiction, and some amazingly talented writers can sneak across the boundaries without us ever knowing.
Writers roam the borderlands of fact and imagination at will, many a critic seeming not to care. Yet we must distinguish cold truth from hot fiction, Cold River
For much of my life, I have worked on frontiers. Night, fog, armed guards, tension. Walk just a few paces down the snow-covered Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, through a musty East German checkpoint, and
you move from a world called west to a world called east. Nothing changes and everything changes.

· Ashes to Ashes [Guardian]

Politics of ACCC Calm Down Drama Queen
Most of you will no doubt remember this moment - it was too good not to make it onto the TV news. In my view it pretty much epitomises most of what passes for wit on the conservative side of politics. It shows the smug self-assurance which goes with knowing that you hold most of the power and that any anger you provoke on the part of the butt of the joke will only make them look foolish - regardless of whether the anger is justified.

· Irony of Ironies [Tug Boat ]

Internet Find-a-blog

Where's Melvil Dewey when we need him? The 19th-century creator of the Dewey decimal system has helped generations navigate libraries. If only he could do the same for one of the 21st century's burgeoning media: Web logs, the diary-like Web sites also known as blogs. Various ways to search/browse for weblogs. Available on site only by subscription, but a copy is stashed on Waxy Dragon.
· Dewey [Waxy]

Death by Spam -

The e-mail you know and love is about to vanish. Czech out new and better approach to ending spam in your inbox.
· MAPS [Slate]


The weight is always on Labor to do things. That's why people are keen to know what we stand for. I believe the answer is straightforward. Labor is anti-establishment. We want to break down the concentration of power in society. We want to disperse economic, social and political influence as widely as possible. This is the new dividing line in public life. It is not a question of Left versus Right, but a struggle between insiders and outsiders.
· Mark His Words But Not Actions [Webdiary]

Acting Bob Carr

Several parliamentary staffers have remarked that Bob Carr is an
acting genius ... Now Bob Carr is taking acting career to new extremes

· Acting Genius [Webdiary]

We all love gossip...
Who’d rather learn the facts of Bob Carr’s acting and filming policy than discover the real reasons why he is the best parliamentary joker?
· Facts & Acts [Newstateman]