Monday, November 29, 2021

The Greedy Doctor

 ‘Exposure Is Probably In The Thousands’: Starbucks Employee Tests Positive For Hepatitis A, Triggers Mass Vaccination Effort.

During the pandemic, some skiers have been doing just that. But does the romantic vision tally with the reality?

It was in May, while hiking along the forest trails and waterfalls of La Tièche, with views towards the snow-dusted peaks of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, that fitness coach Jessica Z Christensen decided to spend more time in the Swiss mountains.

The international regulars - a Swedish scientist, a French naturopath and a Czech start-up founder among them - are not alone in re-evaluating their life-work patterns during the pandemic. 

Moving up in the world: could you work from home in the Alps?

Aged care advisory council needs strong nursing voices

Gobsmackingly, the new National Aged Care Advisory Council has been formed without any nursing groups represented. 

As fall dips into winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the coronavirus has served up the holiday gift that no one, absolutely no one, asked for: a new variant of concerndubbed Omicron by the World Health Organization on Friday.

We Know Almost Nothing About the Omicron Variant

South African traveller in Howard Springs quarantine tested for new Omicron COVID variant, as Katherine moves from lockdown to lockout

Dirty Dollars: Money Laundering, Steel, and Toxins

Money launderers moved millions into America to buy steel mills — while elected leaders helped them fend off U.S. regulators and foreign competitors, leading to sick workers and mountains of hazardous waste.

Tim Draper, Who Tried to Break Up California, Now Wants to Break Up Unions New Republic

San Francisco’s out-of-town shit Yasha Levine While we are on the topic of Larry Summers, this is a domestic variant of his notorious “Send garbage to Africa” recommendation. 


It’s devastating’: how fentanyl is unfolding as one of America’s greatest tragedies Guardian. “And heard on NYC news weed found laced with it.”


Hedge fund known for cutting journalism jobs is seeking to buy more newspapers CNN


Hunger Action of Los Angeles v. County of Los Angeles. Over failure to process urgent applications for CalFresh (formerly known as food stamps) on a timely basis. 


Philosophers with no clothes: A Review of ‘The War Against Marxism’ MR Online

Money: “…Broach the salary question too soon, and an employer might view it negatively. Avoid the question or salary negotiations altogether, and you risk getting underpaid. It’s a delicate song and dance. But a new wave of laws, which are requiring private companies to fork over salary details, could end that rigamarole once and for all. 

In most hiring scenarios today, the employer holds all the cards, says C. Nicole Mason, a gender- and racial-equity researcher and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. “Many employees are at a disadvantage, especially women, when they go in to negotiate because they may not have information regarding pay at the company,” Mason says. Imagine instead if companies disclosed a tight salary range on the job listing so that you could know from the get-go if the interview process is worth your time and effort. 

Existing employees of the hiring company would also benefit from seeing publicly listed salaries and could use that information to equalize pay internally. Public sector workers have long enjoyed such perks. Now, similar rules are heading for the private sector, thanks to a new batch of labor laws, often referred to as pay- or salary-transparency laws or anti-secrecy laws. At least eight cities or states have recently enacted such laws, with more on the way. Even if they don’t come to your state or locality, you may stand to gain from their rippling effects. “Laws like this are overdue, in terms of thinking about how we might address issues related to the gender pay gap,” Mason says…” 


The Greedy Doctor Problem Jan Hendrik Kirchner (resilc). Today’s must read. Ignores another approach: do a lot of homework and maybe tell your doctors you are working on getting an MD (or alternatively, have a child/close relative working on said degree….). Before my surgery, my being buzzword compatible led both the internist assigned to my case and the MD on the orthopedic team who saw me the day my surgeon always works in CT to ask if I was “medical,” meaning somehow in the biz.