Sunday, August 11, 2013

Among the Immortals

The memorial involved piling between 50 and 60 tonnes of stone ~ Art of Rock

This 12-year-old Egyptian boy is putting together some very complex arguments against the Muslim Brotherhood's attempt to grab power in Egypt This young Egyptian Boy Flabbergasts An Interviewer

Author, Susan Hill, talks about writing people into crime fiction for a writing how-to series 'One of the most useful things a writer can do is sit about in coffee shops and pubs, alone, with a newspaper as cover' Czech out the Sydney bible and Susan's helpful story Like many green scribblers Media Dragon is grateful to Susan whose blog and emails managed to Give birth to Cold River

Eleanor Catton, a lecturer in creative writing at Manukau Institute of Technology, has been long-listed for the 2013 Man Booker Prize for Fiction for her novel The Luminaries

I’ve always been drawn to the end of the road, to the edges of where one might be allowed to travel, whether blocked by geographic features, international borders, or simply the lack of any further road