Friday, August 17, 2012

Leading with a Story

Will Australia find the courage to insist that the human rights of vulnerable people should override the potentially bullying power of large governments. Brave and principled Ecuador: protection of an Australian citizen

When newspaper editors lead with a story, they always use the strongest one they've got - and with good reason too. You're more likely to pick up a newspaper if it has an attention grabbing headline. The same goes for successful business leaders - those that can tell a great story and can connect with their audience will have more success in making a difference and getting heard. The best leaders share stories that people want to be a part of. Leading with a story

The best leaders have worked on the floor first Avoid the Mind-Bugs That Cause Smart People to Make Bad Decision

Rolf Jensen said that the heroes of the 21st century would be storytellers

According to Larry J. Bloom, author of The Cure for Corporate Stupidity. Just like software has bugs, we have bugs in how we think and make decisions. These mind-bugs can cause a lot of corporate stupidity . Avoid the Mind-Bugs That Cause Smart People to Make Bad Decision

People who have excelled in an organisation in a specialist role before rising to the top make better leaders than professional managers. Such 'expert leaders' are the most likely to get results because they have deep knowledge of the jobs their employees are doing. Intelligence, like journalism, involves the acquisition, evaluation, and dissemination of information. In 1949, Sherman Kent, described as the father of US intelligence analysis, said: “Intelligence organizations must also have many of the qualities of those of our greatest metropolitan newspapers. …They watch, report, summarize, and analyze. They have their foreign correspondents and home staff…. They have their responsibilities for completeness and accuracy—with commensurately greater penalties for omission and error. . . They even have the problem of editorial control…. Intelligence organizations (should) put more study upon newspaper organization and borrow those phases of it which they require.”

The best leaders ; “Simply,” “simple” and “simplicity” — along with like-minded thoughts that include “easy,” “honest” and “clear” — have become marketing buzzwords in response to three related trends: how busy life today seems, the growing complexity of technology and the increasingly complicated economic picture. That has encouraged advertisers to woo consumers with promises to provide solutions that are meant as simple but not simplistic. Paring Down Marketing Messages to a Few Simple Basics [ Story of B at the Randwick Hospital Dancing Dentist Injures Patient, Faces Personal Injury Suit ; 3 articles stiched together from metadata ]

• · DebtRank: Too Central to Fail? Financial Networks, the FED and Systemic Risk DebtRank; Ericsson, the leading maker of wireless network equipment, sees as many as 50 billion machines connected by 2020. Only 10 billion or so are likely to be cellphones and tablet computers. The rest will be machines, talking not to us, but to each other. Talk to Me, One Machine Said to the Other

• · · New Approaches Needed for Uncovering, Identifying, and Treating Buried Chemical Warfare Materiel Identifying and destroying buried chemical ; 7 Myths About the Economy, Jobs Taxes and Small Business

• · · · You never know who you’ll meet on the internet. Maybe it’s the Craigslist killer, or maybe it’s the author of a book you need to read for your summer school assignment. Author Fights For His Book On The Internet After Slacking Student Pleads For A Quick Summary ; Crowdsourcing has lately been a popular way to gather ideas and information from an array of sources. Now, the Obama administration is taking that avenue to ask citizens to chime in on how to help them overhaul and simplify rules and regulations OMB crowdsources regulatory reform

• · · · · Ages of the youngest and oldest Olympic competitors The generation games ; Turning on the crowdsourcing Spigit Wisdom of the crowd

• · · · · · A hacker demonstrates that code can be hidden inside a new computer to put it forever under remote control, even after upgrades to the hard drive or operating system A Computer Infection that Can Never Be Cured; Australian law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies are facing a potential security nightmare after hackers leaked records held by internet provider AAPT. AAPT hack by Anonymous poses crime data leak fears for AFP and ACC