Thursday, April 19, 2012

I feel the need to sin Quelle façon de parler

I am perennially on the verge of leaving, but the hypocrite from WildWest may serve, among other things, as a deformed ambassador of the truth.


Is that too much to ask?

Ach, The influenza season draws to a good start on level 12 … [U]sers are selfish, lazy, and ruthless – Jakob Neilsen, definition of the online reader in ‘Information Foraging: Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster’ The responsibilities and duties of being a MediaDragon reader in the 21st century -- I wonder what kind of person would come out if I ever did erase all my inhibitions at once, what kind of being is bottled up inside me now. Would I like him? I think not. There’s more than one of me, probably. There’s more than just an id. I know that I could live with my id if I ever looked upon it whole, sort of snuggle up and get cozy with it. [..] Deep down inside, I might be really great. Deep down inside, I think not. Things They Don't Teach You In Tax Law School

Deliverance from Evil Swedish Lessons
Here in Sweden – as, I believe, in other Scandinavian countries – everyone has access to everyone else’s tax returns on the internet. I’m sure it’s sometimes circumvented, but not in most cases, and it seems to deter dishonesty and greed. People really do feel that they are ‘all in it together’ (whatever ‘it’ is). Steve Jobs rolled around in old Volvo estate when he was young, forming his thoughts, listening to Bob Dylan.

A private equity manager receiving, say, $600 million as a capital gain would pay $90 million in tax. If the same income were treated as income from salary, it would be taxed at 35 percent (and also be subject to a 2.9 percent payroll tax), bringing the private equity manager’s tax bill to $227.4 million — almost $140 million more. The ostensible purpose of the lower capital gains rate is to compensate investors for the risk they take in investing their capital. But private equity and fund managers aren’t investing their own capital. They’re investing other people’s capital. They’re simply money managers. By claiming capital gains treatment, they are passing off regular income as capital gains, simply to save themselves taxes.

When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead ; How billionaires destroy democracy ["Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity an anthology for anyone who's been broken-hearted ; Rosencrans Baldwin, author of Paris I Love You But You Are Bringing Me Down and co-founder of The Morning News, was on NPR’s All Things Considered’s “You Must Read This” segment and raved about Elaine Dundy’s The Dud Avocado. When people asked how much of the book was biographical, Dundy responded, All the impulsive, outrageous things the heroine does, I did; all the sensible things, I made up How autobiographical ]

• · One of the greatest magazine stories of the past generation, republished in Slate The Mystery of the Millionaire Metaphysician; Everyone loves a success story and the electronic age would not be the same without the extraordinary contributions of Steve Jobs, a brilliant, but misunderstood man. Steve Jobs ;You made us all want to be better people. We wanted to not only learn more, and improve ourselves, but we wanted to share it with others。 My laptops and iPhone allow me to work. To write. They help me navigate the world, take me to places I’ve never been and allow me to learn about things I never knew before. They allow me to walk through history, and to create history. They allow me to think, to learn, to laugh, and to cry. They have helped me to expand my world You made it possible for other people to get published
• · · I am rich and I am the man Whose name is mud But what’s in a name To shame one who knows Mud does not stain Clay he’s made of Dust Adam became— The dust he was— Was he his name Exile Is always Green with hoe The river We cannot cross Flows forever The main character in Jozef Imrich stingingly sad story, “Cold River,” isn’t a person. It’s a location: along the Morava River, a very short river with a big, bizarre place in history. Freud was born on the banks of this river … THE ESCAPE OF SIGMUND FREUD ; Janet Malcom’s In The Freud Archives is the story of conspiracy, obsession, intrigue, and scholarship. ; Those who believe that Freedom by Jonathan Franzen is a great novel are the same people who think “Titanic” is a great film… But all my friends are homeless They do not even have tents
 Were I to seek a safe place I would run nights lost Ice pelting my face 
Sent the wrong way Whenever I ask —
 Afraid to run back,
 Each escape the last How do we amplify the effect of our common experiences and attenuate the everyday within a matrix of philosophy and art, language and its intervals. In my stories Havel rubs shoulders with Marx, Dubcek with Gorbacov, Zummer with Freud, Brunovsky with Hamilova. And its message is clear. We are all in this together. How much better if we see it sooner rather than later. Escape of Jozef Imrich
• · · · It's because in the print world, books are returnable, which means that if a bookstore doesn't sell all their copies of something they return it to the publisher for a refund. Ebooks Really Are More Profitable Than Print Books; All these Murphys, Malloys, and Malones do not fool me. They have made me waste my time, suffer for nothing, speak of them when, in order to stop speaking, I should have spoken of me and of me alone… I thought I was right in enlisting these sufferers of my pains. I was wrong. They never suffered my pains, their pains are nothing, compared to mine, a mere tittle of mine, the tittle I thought I could put from me, in order to witness it. Speechless: Beckett's Trilogy ; The central characters are Estrella, the fish-hair woman who uses her 12-metres-long hair like a net to retrieve the dead from the river (“trawl another victim of our senseless war”); her older “sister”, Pilar, who joins the communist insurgents; and Tony, the Australian journalist whom both had loved Merlinda Bobis, Fish-hair woman
• · · · · A poem often has a moment or a movement or an image, to deal with, not a whole series or interrelated and elaborated sequences, nor that sense of duration and vicarious experience that the novel brings. The best a novel can do is use its superstructure, all those cumulative bits of housekeeping, to achieve poem-moments Music to write to (part one) - What is wrong with this world. How is it that so few spend their lives doing things they love and so many do [what] they hate for something they do not need. I want to shout to the masses but [s]o few would listen. I would not have listened. This is it. Do it now. You will not be here again. In living there is always the terror of being stung of something coming for you on the unavoidable wave Unavoidable wave - The Important Thing That Has Gotten Lost ; Monday musings on Australian literature: Louisa Atkinson, and indigenous Australians Local Gandangara people
• · · · · · Imagine: How Creativity Works ; For a second I am mist For a second I am water For an instant I am orange flames If only the moon holds me If only the moon hugs me = Šrut was awarded the 2012 Karel Čapek Prize for his lifetime achievement in literature and has been one of the most important voices in Czechoslovakian literature in the generation after the 1968 uprising ; UK Home Office website went offline for seven hours. The hacker group Anonymous took it down, they said, as a protest against the government’s planned new surveillance legislation How to Snoop