Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St Jozef's name to Media Dragons everywhere ;-)

Searching for Saint Jozef in Sydney

What’s the difference between story-truth and happening-truth? Where’s the line in nonfiction between cheating and distilling, artfulness and fabrication? What does it mean when a day of story-truth goes missing from history? It happened on 7/7 across the Morava River, where the soviet arrow of time was arbitrarily bent ... Fact Czechers

Has ever a fictional character so laid bare the horror of mortality as Ivan Ilych? Tolstoy was preoccupied with death – and his insights are now cropping up in medical journals How Tolstoy’s obsession with mortality became a teachable moment ; The Cold War warrior hypothesis. Men commit 90 percent of murders. The brutality is biological, in part. But power, not gender, determines belligerence...

Intellectual life in the Internet age. How to explain TED? It’s where the smart and the rich pretend they have something in common... Those Fabulous Confabs Surfing the Internet, says William Gibson, is like rummaging in the collective global mind. Somewhere there must be a site that contains everything we’ve lost...

The idiosyncrasies convey everything - Writers are “dildos for rent”; punk rock was a time before the “furry testicles of disco descended”: Has James Wolcott met a sexual allusion he doesn’t like?...
How does a fatalistic, damaged man cope after surviving a massacre? By embracing satire, and flashing a smirk at the absurd... Memoirs of a Voyeur - A firsthand account of the second-rate

“I will hate you till the day I die,” the thin-skinned Alain de Botton once told a reviewer. Now things are looking up. His self-help philosophy is catnip for the well-heeled in search of meaning.. No fire, no brimstone

Are you a mysterian? The more we know about the brain, the less we understand how it creates consciousness, says Colin McGinn. Maybe the mind is a puzzle that can’t be solved. All machine and no ghost?