Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air 。。。 Now there's no love as true as the love that dies untold Malchkeon - From your Valentine

Valentine’s Day was not created to bring sadness. It is a day set aside to honor Saint Valentine by remembering the purpose for our existence: we were born to love. For as the Beatles once sang, the love you take is equal to the love you make New Year’s Eve was originally St. Sylvester’s - Valentine's Day through the ages

The digital age has not killed the endearing ritual of getting a Valentine's Day card。 Although the roots of St. Valentine’s Day date back to the Middle Ages, we are indebted to the Victorians for many of our most popular features of the celebration, including greeting cards, chocolate and other confectionary in heart-shaped boxes. Men and women today can still learn a great deal by reading Jane Austen and what she has to say on love, relationships, the battle of the sexes, hope, promiscuity, courtship, and happiness. Austen wrote some of the most powerful love stories in Western literature, and though 200 years have passed since her novels were published, they still have a remarkable ability to speak to the modern world. Her six novels continue to exert a profound influence on our culture.

Back in 1800 Names of men and women (equal numbers of each) were placed into two different containers. A lottery of sorts took place where one man's name was drawn and matched with a woman's name. The people called were called "Valentines," and the pairing was considered a good omen of these couples marrying later on. Since most of us have absolutely no idea who St. Valentine was, what can be wrong in celebrating love? On the contrary, we are commanded to love, the more the better (if perhaps not romantically). Omen For Men/Women - AMEN - Dear chocolate: Still love you madly

The language of royal love - Long before Camilla Parker Bowles became the Duchess of Cornwall, Freda Dudley Ward was the lover, confidante and companion of Prince Charles's immediate predecessor - the Prince of Wales who became the ill-fated Edward VIII. It was Edward, known to his intimate circle as David, who abdicated in 1936 to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. In exile they became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Illicit love gets an airing on Valentine's Day at the State Library Illicit love gets an airing on Valentine's Day at the State Library