Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tax refund fraud continues to be a focus for revenue agencies everywhere
Tax fraud is a crime. It places an unfair burden on people who do the right thing and contribute their fair share in accordance with the law Suspected promoters of an Education Tax Refund scam had their personal computers and records seized yesterday with the execution of multiple search warrants by the. Australian Taxation Office and Australian Federal Police

Counting the cost of tax havens

TAX evasion - which costs Australia $41.4 billion a year - is the cause of the Greek debt crisis that is destabilising Europe, according to the author of research into the problem.
Every year tax evasion costs the world's governments $3.1 trillion, or about 5.1 per cent of world gross domestic product (GDP), activist group the Tax Justice Network says in a report.
''Greece's problems stem from 40 years of tax evasion and not collecting enough tax revenue,'' TJN director John Christensen told BusinessDay.

High Cost of blind trusts fraud in tax haven; This country needs extraordinary measures, because the situation is extraordinary Spain to Crack Down on Tax Fraud [ Targeting tax crime: a whole-of-government approach ; Tax crime investigations and results;Although its main focus is on tax crime, the OECD is also concerned with money laundering. Tax and Crime ]
• · If you peel back the layers of Louisiana’s tax structure, you’re likely to find confusion, outrage and, more importantly, room for improvement. The Truth About Taxes ; Who Guards the Guards
• · · Identity criminals claiming millions in tax refund; tax refund fraud was rampant in the state prisons where he served his sentence, and he tried for years to tell the federal government what was going on; Satirists have long joked that America is the land of opportunity—everybody can become a taxpayer. Identity thieves are taking this opportunity literally by assuming taxpayers’ identities for their own financial gain. Identity Thieves ‘Make It Rain’ Cash With Fraudulent Tax Refunds
• · · · IRS steps up efforts to fight fraudulent claims for tax refunds; Lessons to Be learntIRS sees staggering jump in identity theft cases
• · · · · An accountant has been arrested at Sydney Airport after allegedly stealing nearly $50,000 from her clients in the city's west. Philippines - Airport arrest over tax return thefts ; It’s always good to have someone on the inside. At least that’s how Nancy and Laurie Sondrall must have felt. Nancy’s sister and Laurie’s aunt, Pamela Marie Dellis, was providing them with ill-gotten booty from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. ; U.S. District Judge Myron H. Thompson also ordered Bates to pay $246,064 in restitution to HSBC Taxpayer Financial Services and $30,211 in restitution to the IRS. Evidence at trial proved Bates took the names and Social Security numbers of student loan borrowers from the databases at her former employer and conspired to use the stolen identifying information to steal money from the government and from a bank Millbrook woman gets prison for student ID thefts ; In Multiflex Pty Ltd v. The Commissioner of Taxation (2011) FCA 789 the taxpayer challenged the Commissioner's ability to withhold goods and services tax (GST) refunds pending the completion of verification or audit activity. ; The criminal activities date back to the years 1996-2002 when Bena company imported more than 200,000 tonnes of diesel oil and petrol from Slovakia to the Czech Republic - Czech police accuse three of tax evasion for 2.6 billion crowns
• · · · · · Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation Inland Revenue (IR) has picked a mega tax scam of Faisalabad as a test case to determine the role of tax officers, gangs of fraudsters, banks staff and others for taking appropriate countermeasures in controlling fraudulent income tax refunds payment and similar nature of organised financial crimes in future. ; Prisoners Become Tax Preparers ; Six men were convicted of tax evasion by a German court today following a fraud linked to the sale of carbon-emission certificates to Deutsche Bank AG. ; Big Boys Small Returns; Limit human involvement and you raise efficiency and reduce the risk of fraud. This is the thinking behind the SA Revenue Service’s automated Vat risk engine. Risk engine misfiring ;A survey conducted in the autumn shows the UK economy loses an estimated £2.7 billion per year due to identity fraud which affects 1.8 million people annually . Identity fraud covers a range of widespread criminal activities with many organised groups being known to supply or use false or stolen genuine personal identities. Crimestoppers launches campaign to fight ID fraud in the run up to Christmas ; Identity Theft and Tax Fraud tax fraud identity theft