Monday, November 21, 2011

What the Anthropologists Say about shopping in Sydney (or Broadway ...) - small is beautiful!

Surely that little pseudo-gothic church on Broadway, hidden amongst the skyscrapers, is symbolic of the age! On the whole face of the globe the civilization that has conquered it has failed to build a temple or a tomb.
-André Malraux

Paddington's new place to spot chairs, jars and prints
If you’re cuckoo for curios, say hello to your new nest.

This artfully cluttered emporium is chockablock with colourful genie bottles from the ‘60s, vintage glass pharmaceutical bottles, and brushed aluminium canister sets from the ‘50s. Old bric-a-brac sourced from all over Australia mingles with new wares for a special kind of eclectic magic. And what’s more, these Paddington proprietors have kept their prices down to earth so you can snaffle a beauty for a bargain price
i like birds
14 William Street, Paddington 2021
T: 02 9331 5501 The best deals of 2011 - bric-a-brac

Media Dragon Likes Birds Too Tamara: Once there was season of color crimson lake
If fabulously floral chinaware, retro glassware, vintage ‘kitchenalia’ and adorably kitsch collectables are your cup of tea, then you simply must visit the delightfully charming store, I Like Birds, nestled in the heart of Paddington’s uber-trendy shopping district - William St.

A gorgeous collection of both new and vintage homewares sourced from all over Australia, I Like Birds is more treasure chest than standard homewares store. Upon entering the canary yellow terrace and embarking upon your voyage of discovery through this eclectic store, it soon becomes evident that this is quite a special little shop indeed. Every glass vase, quirky cushion cover, flying duck, cowhide rug, bell jar, mohair basket and vintage apothecary bottle has been carefully and thoughtfully selected by the shop’s inspired and passionate owner, Tamara. Nothing is there without reason; no product chosen without love. Awww!!!

ilikebirds loves modern, urban interior design & classic decorative art ... so much so we go to great lengths to source rare, new & vintage homewares from all around Australia and abroad to bring you that perfect piece for your office, home and garden. We have a hand picked selection of homewares, gifts, prints, collectables, glass, soft furnishings and much more. We also have an urban garden nursery with both indoor and outdoor pots and plants.
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PS: Can you understand, my father used to ask, the despair of that condemned beauty, of its days and nights? Over and over again it had to rouse itself to fictitious auctions, stage successful sales and noisy, crowded exhibitions, become inflamed with wild gambling passions, await a slump, scatter riches, squander them like a maniac, only to realize on sobering up that all this was in vain, that it could not get anywhere beyond a self-centered perfection, that it could not relieve the pain of excess. Józefina Szelińska - That whole lumber room of ancient beauty has been subjected to a painful distillation under the pressure of years of boredom