Thursday, August 11, 2011


Based in Katherine in the Northern Territory since 2000 Top Didj holds something for everyone. FiDj stocks an extensive selection of Aboriginal paintings from the wider regions of Katherine and beyond. We were impressed with the Cultural Experience in its two-hour activities. We loved the way Manuel and Adriene both are part of Desert and Top End Aboriginal culture and we were able to ask questions about their culture whilst being educated on the significance of their painting depictions, weapons used and how they lived off the land. The highlight of the Cultural Experience and what sets it apart from other cultural experiences, is the painting styles which are demonstrated by the Aboriginal artists. We had the opportunity to complete a painting of our own. The artists, Manuel and Adriene, taught us how to paint such styles as cross-hatching and dot painting, which are famous in the Northern Territory. Manuel signed our dijireedoo Top Didj



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Aboriginal Art - The Time Traveller Nitmiluk aka (Katherine Gorge)
There's nothing like immersing yourself in the tranquility of such a wonderful place, and taking in the reflections and ambiance after a refreshing swim.

This entry is also a way of expressing Media Dragon's appreciation for the service and accommodations we received at Nitmiluk on 10 and 11 August 2011.
We have traveled extensively throughout the NSW. Queensland and Northern Territory...
Comparing to some of the accommodation in other states everything at the Nitmiluk was excellent! The staff at the front desk were warm, as well as courteous, responsive and helpful.


The dinner cruise was outstanding - all staff greeted and treated us on a personal basis and were prompt, courteous, and helpful; especially when they managed to deliver burrumundi in order to meet Mal's special requirements as slamon is something she cannot eat ... Rocky was on a day off but jumped on a boat and delivered a wonderful feast to the first Katherine Gorge where we were watching the sunset ... Housekeeping at the lodge and chalets were just above our expectations as we have stayed in the past at luxury accommodation be it nunneries, manors,headmistress cotages and we have never come across such happy and easy going staff ...

• One of the main Australia tourist attractions is of course the Australian Outback itself. But the Outback is a huge place. Most of the Australian continent could be classified as Outback. If you want to see "the great Australian Outback" you will have to focus on one part of it, you can't see it all... Endless Appreciation ; [Images of Art ;Dine under the stars in the tranquil surroundings of Katherine Museum. Watch the wallabies and hear the local wildlife in the surroundings reminiscent of an outback stockman's camp Camp Tucker ]
• · It is a loooong drive from Sydney to Darwin. We foud the drive itself attractive: the endless horizon, the sense of space and freedom, the everchanging landscape, the slow change from red desert interior to lush, green tropics... But not everybody agrees. It is a long drive, and there is not much on the way in terms of fauna and flora and storytelling ... Nothing compares to the thrill and adventure which is experienced meeting this hulk of the horizon which is so lone and impressive at Tatranka - also known as Mataranka where you will bathe in hot springs, and from there it's only 105 km to Katherine and one of my favourite attractions in Australia: Katherine Gorge. Northern Territory is recognized as real Australia ;To all croc and eagle seekers! If you want to see guaranteed crocodiles, the place to head is Yellow Waters and Ubir. Walkabout with Natasha - Bill's Ganddaughter
• · · Outback, mountains, jungle and scrubby outback-Australia is flat, it's vertical, it's soaking wet and bone dry. Choose the mainland or sail between any of 12,000 islands. ; Many of Australia's journeys bring you closer to the world's oldest culture. Having read a few books related to Aboriginal people and their culture-and having been highly fascinated, I was curious to interact with the native people. It's estimated that their culture and way of life has existed without outside influence for anywhere from 10,000 to 60,000 years, depending on different expert speculation. That blows me away, especially in this day and age. Arrival of the Europeans, especially the British colonists, in the late 1700's wrought havoc and decimation to a great number of Aboriginals. Who says all humans need to be brought into the 21st century? I find their culture beautiful and extremely harmonious with the flow of the natural world. Modern society has a lot to learn from many of their ways. Unfortunately, our superior attitude and lack of respect for those different from us stunts our ability to grasp the messages others are here to teach us. Australia's Red Center
• · · · From deserted islands to actual deserts, you'll find the perfect backdrop for romance in Australia.; DREAMTIME
• · · · · Waterfalls and Crocodiles! ; The seasons in Australia’s “Top End” come in two distinct flavors: torrential wet and mud-cracking dry. Teeming with wildlife, you’ll find 60 species of mammals including kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, possum, bats and dusky rats. The Park is also famous for its reptiles like the awesome and dangerous Australian Saltwater crocodiles (salties) that patrol many of the Park’s waterways. Watch for large monitor lizards (goannas) and colorful frill-necked lizards, too. ; Healing the past will not be achieved by alienating others. Invasion or arrival?; THE COW STARES AT ME AND I STARE BACK. Finally this huge example of a Brahman decides to move, and I'm grateful. Grateful that it's going to amble off the road and grateful that I didn't hit its bovine bulk at 100km/h. On this remote far north Queensland road, the results could have been catastrophic. Fortunately I've been warned, as graphic road signs alert me to the dangers of cars meeting cows head-on. On this part of the Savannah Way between Cairns and Karumba, the main dangers are cattle, kangaroos and the 50-metre-long road trains. NRMA Inspires Many People




Bill's Granddaghter, Natasha, who has some Scandinavian background: