Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sociopaths love power. They love winning. If you take loving kindness out of the human brain, there's not much left except the will to win.
-Martha Stout (quoted in Jon Almond, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry)

Most Touching Songs Ever ... Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta

You (Malchkeon) are my world, my heart's desire, you lighten my heart you reside in my heart, you are my life, you cool my warm eyes... teri ore full song singh is king In you (malchkeon) I see God ; Cold Rivers of Babylon

Christopher and Lidka are celebrating their Aloha birthdays with The Bonnie M of MMMWWWWAlchkoen - Music Bloggers Hack Record Industry by Launching Indie Labels For Tom Krell, his latest record is extremely meaningful

A bona fide genius seen as a bit of a laughing stock O'Farrell Must Reform or Become the Latest NSW's Askin
Kelly letter supports Bondi plan by Currawong owners - ON THE day former planning minister Tony Kelly signed and backdated a letter involving the sale of Currawong, he wrote another one notifying Waverley Council he was taking a controversial Bondi development from the council and referring it to a government planning authority. Documents obtained by the Herald reveal that the same developers who sold Currawong to the government, Allen Linz and Eduard Litver, were involved in the development Mr Kelly was removing from council control.

John Gerathy, the solicitor who represented Mr Kelly at the recent ICAC inquiry, is the long-term business partner of Chris Cheung, the owner of the Coogee Bay Hotel. Mr Gerathy is also the business partner of former resources minister Ian Macdonald, who quit Parliament last year over allegations that he had rorted his travel expenses. The month following Mr Macdonald's departure from Parliament, the pair set up Resource Image, which is hoping to foster trade in the wine, equipment and resources sectors.
In early March, Mr Kelly also sought to bypass the City of Sydney council over an
application to redevelop the Elizabeth Bay marina, in which the family of a fellow MP, Eddie Obeid, had an interest. He recommended it be dealt with by a joint regional planning panel, despite its not having jurisdiction. He also removed the controversial $150 million development of the Coogee Bay Hotel from the control of the local council. Mr Gerathy has also been associated with colourful entrepreneur Paul Makucha, who was found by ICAC to be corrupt in his dealings with Sydney Water. The corruption watchdog has recommended that the Director of Public Prosecutions consider whether criminal charges should be laid against Mr Makucha.

Odd extremists [A VETERAN crime fighter is saddling up for one last campaign. Evan Whitton, an expert on the history of organised crime in Australia, wants the state government to introduce an American law that has had a devastating effect on organised criminals in the US but sits uneasily with our legal system Coogee Bay Hotel and Brown Matters ; Push for law to blow organised crime apart ; Corruption risks are heightened when the lobbying of politicians is combined with the lobbyist or the lobbyist's client making donations to the politician or the politician's party or engaging in fund-raising for the politician Democracy for sale ]
• · Inquiry windfall for ATO; Australian Financial Review, 13/07/2011, page 8 By: KATIE WALSH - The federal government's $300 million Project Wickenby tax-evasion inquiry has raised more than $1 billion in tax bills, sent 18 offenders to jail and charged 62 with serious offences. The Australian Taxation Office has undertaken 2100 audits and 23 criminal investigations. One source went so far as to describe the stem Wickenby message of the compliance program as Dante-esque It's like there's a layer of hell reserved for Wickenby offenders; A massive SIX MILLION Britons have no savings at all An astonishing six million Britons are living on a knife edge without a single penny stashed away to protect them against redundancy or sudden jumps in living costs. Soaring prices across the country - where the average prices have jumped 5.2 per cent in a year (RPI) - have made it impossible for many families to save and forced others to raid their pots to stay afloat. UK Living on a knife-edge at Wickenby Towns
• · · Reuters news has this report buried among other news. A Diversion for a Look at Obtaining Some Benefits of Offshoring Onshore (6/28/11)
While it is fun and sometimes profitable to dump on offshore tax havens for their secrecy, we should remember that some of the secrecy benefits of offshoring can be achieved onshore. See Kelly Carr and Brian Grow, Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains, Reuters 1/28/11. To quote the well known commentator on the human condition: "“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7. ; Over more than three decades, no one dared question the perversion of politics by and for Rupert Murdoch It’s worth quietly noting this morning that when the Guardian first began its campaign to reveal corruption at the News of the World the Murdoch empire struck back, saying the Guardian was misleading the public. It wasn’t. It was undertaking absolutely vital, first class investigative journalism of corruption. The world is in its debt today. I think that should be acknowledged. I’m not usually much of a fan of Henry Porter but this is too appropriate to ignore: It is now time for HMG to go after Murdoch and perhaps this is the moment to investigate the complex web of tax havens and offshore accounts that News International has used to avoid paying full tax in the past. I’d bet a month’s salary that while NI papers have been urging austerity measures on the UK, the company has used every trick in the book to avoid its proper tax burden. He’s right. But remember to add in Microsoft, Apple, Google, Cisco, big pharma, the extractive industries in general and many more whilst about it. Oh, and perhaps the Telegraph needs a look. Hacking Tax Havens; News Corporation: time to go - Phone hacking, breaching every article of the journalists' code of ethics, Newscorp's time is up
• · · · Some pepper for Bernard Salt: A Generation Y response to writing and saving the planet - The media encourages younger generations to get involved but when they do they are often dismissed for old men, nude pictures, and ‘hotness delusion syndrome’. Berrnarrd ; Genius (plural geniuses[1][2]) is something or someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight. Microsoft’s Android Plan: Evil Genius Or Just Evil? ;
• · · · · It Takes All Kinds to call for reflection and writing A guide to writing hyperpanofiction / Tony Nolan, Emily Nolan ; From the Hon. Librarian ; I talk to my fellow members of Mensa or the High IQ groups ; It takes all kinds to make a world... including the kinds who think only their kind belong in it; Exploit Humanity with All Kinds of Causes