Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rap News episode five, titled News World Order: War on Journalism was made in October, ahead of Assange's leak of almost 400,000 secret logs from the Iraq War, and deals with the implications of the release. Comedy Absurd ; Assange rap cameo raises eyebrows

War on Journalism Sunshine: The truth is out there,
Julian Assange: The Memoirs After dumping mountains of secrets about others, Julian Assange is reportedly planning to divulge some information about himself

Canongate has refused to confirm this story, but several outlets have picked up on it since yesterday afternoon: Everyone's favorite WikiLeaker -- and alleged rapist -- Julian Assange, has sold his memoirs. It's expected that they will be published sometime in 2011, with a first draft from Assange due to his editor by March.

Memoirs: the anarchic age of the internet [ Google Rapped; What a difference WikiLeaks makes ; Pirate Party aims to draw whistleblowers exposing corruption Bohemians at the Gate ]
• · WikiLeaks' next target is big business - Unable to contain his excitement any longer, Julian Assange has revealed the target of his next 'Leak– Bank of America, come on down! Banks - Anarchist or Messiah ; Protest lost the moral plot
• · · Will it make closed societies more open and open societies more closed?
Popper; Writing in 2006 as the president of a then unnamed NGO and Australia’s “most infamous former hacker,” Julian Assange noted that “foresight requires trustworthy information about the current state of the world, cognitive ability to draw predictive inferences and economic stability to give them a meaningful home… secrecy, malfeasance and unequal access have eaten into the first requirement of foresight (‘truth and lots of it’). Foresight
• · · · Evgeny Morozov discusses the implications of WikiLeaks on open vs. closed societies, the paradox of attacking state power, and the future of Internet privacy. Cloak and dagger doesn't come close to describing how Nicky Hager came to secure the New Zealand WikiLeaks cables. He reveals the spy-novel subterfuge the group demanded, what it was like in their office the day the cables were released to the world, and offers a peek inside the mind of founder Julian Assange.
WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and the dark side of Internet freedom ; wIKI ;
• · · · · Blurring Line Between Spy And Diplomat;
[Foreign Desk] ; Wikileaks: Leak Me Something I Didn't Know
• · · · · · Representative democracy is built on trust. One way of earning trust as a government is by being open about what you do - as far as possible. This will in turn mean that the public feels trusted with access to quality, un-spun information and will be more likely to take part in the political process. They blame Assange, but embarrassed officials can blame themselves. ; Flood of Leaks