Sunday, February 07, 2010

Media Dragon is drowning in tablet rumors which keeps thinking differently
Some fads in the world are not just drawing attention but also make one wonder as to how there are blind followers to every trend. Apple and other Fads

The sad truth is, we have the tax system we deserve. We have not paid enough attention to what is being done in our names in Washington, so we are where we are. We won’t get a simple, fair, and efficient tax system until we demand it. So far, we have not -- but hope springs eternal. Lack of transparency is a moral hazard

Inch Past the High-Water Mark Advisors to the Affluent
They are bankers, but you won’t find one at your local branch of the NatWest.

They earn multimillion-pound salaries, either at a flat rate, on commission, or by owning their own companies and equity funds, investing more than £300 billion on behalf of their clients every year. Often public-school and Oxbridge educated, they are influential and charismatic, yet their names and faces are largely unknown to the public. Until now, that is: for the first time, Spear’s Wealth Management Survey has listed the Top 50 wealth managers in Britain in a Power Index.
Their job is to look after the megabillion pound assets of the super-rich — wealth that only 25 years ago would have been secreted away in offshore accounts. The 1980s Big

Super rich [The lesson is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is - An American citizen suspected of being behind a massive tax fraud scheme was extradited from Israel to the US massive fraud case ; “Another crazy idea popped into Bill Comiskey’s head: What if the tax department required banks to turn over their customers’ mortgage applications? “ Ideas ]
• · Estate agents, journalists, bankers and politicians are generally deemed the professionals least esteemed by the general public. But as the acrimony over how to repair the public finances intensifies, some parts of the tax profession are gaining pariah status as well. Working in tax: system struggles with complexity ; Two things are certain about moving money overseas: First, it’s necessary if you want to shield at least some of your savings from the capital controls, wealth taxes and confiscations that will (not might) be imposed by over-indebted governments in coming years. Second, there’s a whole ecosystem of predators waiting to exploit the first-time offshore investor’s inexperience. So knowing the risks and how to avoid them is crucial
• · · President spokesman denies any grounds for suspicion in motives behind decisions. Pitr has been a fugitive from Czech justice since 2007, after being convicted of tax fraud Klaus pardoned criminals linked to gang ; The conversation can last less than 30 seconds. But it's an exchange that has resulted in criminal fraud subpoenas, felony charges and jail time for business owners across New York state. And it usually goes something like this: Unfortunately for the store owner, the customer is really an undercover investigator with the state Department of Taxation and Finance. New York prowling for tax cheats
• · · · For me it began in the early 80's when I worked at the Parliamentary Library Your first Apple, or how it all began... ; Above Law ;
• · · · · Apple tablet: Next big thing is here - Apple fans eager to swallow the tablet. If you're reading this Wednesday and you haven't heard of the tablet, I'll wager you a MacBook Pro that by Thursday you'll have heard more than you can read … The veil was finally lifted on one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets in technology history tonight as Apple's Steve Jobs held aloft the iPad, Apple iPad: the wait is over – but is it future of media or oversized phone? ; iThing: The Best Tablet Spoof Yet - Apple launches the iPad, its 9.7" colour screen tablet, which aims to rob Kindle of growing ebook market and be hottest gadget in technology history iPad on Google