Monday, October 26, 2009

Earlier this month one of the oldest of blog hosting programmes, Blogger, celebrated its 10th anniversary. According to the BBC, Blogger claims to have more than 300 million active readers and enough words to fill about 3.2 million books like Cold River

First Real Blogger, St. Francisof Assisi wrote: Lord make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow Love. Where there is injury, Pardon. Where there is error, Truth. Where there is discord, Harmony. Where there is doubt, Faith. Where there is despair, Hope. Where is darkness, Light. Where there is sorrow, Joy.

There was much storytelling but it was the ocean that brought out the energy ... today with friends like Gina, John and Rich there always seems to be more joy than sorrow no matter how angry the sea or world is ...

(john wilton TM at the iceberg 26-10-09 AD)

... and so it began back at Darling Point true connections, true emotions, true friends!

Hope Over Fear Materialistic happiness causes emotional misery
Even In Latvia, blogging has become part of the air on the poetic internet. The blogosphere seems to burst with emotions, something rarely witnessed before

As the sun breaks the dawn of a new day, he floats on a white cloud amidst an azure sky. He is draped in an elegant silver robe, his obsidian hair fluttering seductively in the cool breeze of the early morning. His gold flecked brown eyes, glimmering like a pair of gemstones, as the breaking sun crosses their path. His smooth, always tanned flesh contrasted beautifully within the silver robe and against the bright cerulean sky. His arms rise and stretch out to me, his rose-colored lips move to speak, but I always awake before I can hear the words he wants to say. I have dreamt this scene everyday for almost two years. Everyday that is, except today.

I usually awaken with a smile on my face, but sadness in my heart. Smiling, because I have dreamt of him once again, sadness, for never hearing the words he wishes to speak.

But this morning, I awakened with a smile on my face and gladness in my heart. For this morning I heard his words.

“You must live for yourself now, for only through your life will my memory be kept alive. I will be waiting here for you, but you have a long life to live. Honor my memory and live your life to the fullest. I will always love you, but you must accept the love others offer, for my love is contained within theirs”

And with that I awakened this morning. A smile on my face and weight lifted from my soul.

For I now know that he would not want me to be alone any longer. And on this day, I awakened with someone to share breakfast with for the first time in two years. With a smile on my face, and gladness in my heart, I awoke to greet a beautiful day.

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