Thursday, January 08, 2009

It has been over a year since The Time magazine published its feature The 25 Best Financial Blogs. A great deal has changed. Some of the blogs on the list are gone or no longer have regular posts. Others have grown and become better. Financial blogs end up being either labors of love or ways to promote small money management or paid newsletter businesses. It would seem to be a tough way to make a living. The 25 Best Financial Dragons

We should expect the worst, but hope for the best Living well is the best revenge
In December, Fast Company published an article called "The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0" featuring about a dozen amazing women who work in the Web 2.0 world. The list included BlogHer founders Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins, and Lisa Stone. Kaliya Hamlin, who is the founder of She's Geeky, a women and technology conference taking place in Mountain View, CA on January 30-31st was also on the list.

But as with any "best of" or "most this or that" list, it's bound to be incomplete. So, when Lynne d Johnson from Fast Company asked me to blog a list, I thought I'd create a nonprofit technology category and acknowledge the work of these awesome women:

Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock ; [Jeff Jarvis, founding editor of Entertainment Weekly and journalism professor at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism, is probably best known as a new media pundit, via his blog and a column in London’s Guardian. LJ Talks to Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do? ; There are lots of other aspects of blogging tools that have helped to shape the practice of blogging that I haven’t gone into here - RSS, for example, or the practice of making public corrections - but this gives you a grounding. Of course, there are plenty of blogs out there that ignore many of these conventions and are blogs nonetheless Ignorant blogs ]
• · Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz runs a blog offered in 11 different languages. It is available in English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The blog, created in 2004, is well known among IT industry workers around the world. Not only does it provide information on the latest technologies and industry trends, but is also used to flag the company's latest announcements. Schwartz is known as the CEO Blogger. The Emergence of the 'Power Blogger' ; WHICH IS MORE DANGEROUS, a gun or a swimming pool? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? These were some of the questions raised in Steven Levitt’s best selling book, Freakonomics, which successfully tapped the public’s growing interest in economics minus the complex equations prevailing in most of its literature. ‘Freak’ economics: Economics sans complexity
• · Regardless of the occasional language brilliance that comes pouring out of these fingertips, I don’t consider myself much of an intellectual. I peruse some of those so-called trashy celebrity magazines and read blogs, some written by those that remain anonymous. OK, maybe you don’t regularly read reviews of professional wrestling programs via a blog, but don’t judge me. Attention bloggers: It’s time to make you famous; Blogging couple with quadruplets wins award
• · · Electronic and print-media institutions have been burnt, bombed, sealed and coerced. Countless journalists have been harassed, threatened and killed. It has been my honor to belong to all those categories and now especially the last. The issue of credibility gets complicated here. For a professional journalist, the stamp of a name and affiliation means everything. For a sometimes anonymous blogger publishing from the comfort of a bedroom, this is not always the case.
But essentially, these citizen journalists champion the idea of free speech. It's refreshing evidence of a rejuvenated public interest in reporting the news. Champions for the idea of free speech ; Times responds to blogger’s claims of ‘cut-and-paste’ journalism
• · · · Tom Mangan works nights as a copy editor and page designer at the Mercury News. He spends a couple of his off hours each day betting on his idea of journalism's future. How to Make Your Blog a Paying Business ; Blogging's Not Journalism—It's Therapy ; With the rise of online media, from YouTube to Facebook, WordPress to the New York Times, journalism has expanded over the course of the last decade into a new era. “Journalism” may not be guaranteed work all of the time, but it is most certainly in my eyes one of the main focuses of future careers for students. Journalism vs. blogging: the present and the future
• · · · · Jay Rosen, the founder of Assignment Zero, a project where journalism is run by the public rather than the media, seems to be re-affirming his beliefs about citizen journalism and new media.Rosen has long believed that citizen journalism promotes social democracy. Recently, he published an essay on how the Internet is weakening the authority of the press that further expands on his idea. Citizen Journalism as Legitimate Threat to Big Media Dragons? ; Salam Pax, the 'Baghdad Blogger,' is back in Iraq -- and Twittering
• · · · · · A chance encounter by an alert blogger in Taiwan with a wire story in The China Post in early October began a chain of events worldwide that led to uncovering a literary hoax in New York -- and the cancellation of an "Oprah-approved" book. True story. Read on. How 'citizen journalism' blogs uncovered a Holocaust hoax ; THE hoaxer who duped historian Keith Windschuttle into printing specious science in the respected right-wing magazine Quadrant is a Melbourne writer and self-described urban farmer. Too often we give unjustified credibility to bloggers who are, at best, practicing amateur journalism or simplistic punditry. Quadrant hoaxer an anti-GM warrior ; Corvida Raven, author of the blog, made the Fast Company list of "The Most Influential Women In Technology: The Bloggers." Here, she shares her sources of inspiration. 6 Sources of Inspiration for Tech Bloggers