Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You know my old saying...

Connect on your similarities and profit from your differences

Robert of Boonah fame provides the images of a smiley faces . I only need to taste Dial's or June's cooking as well as invading the Sweet Spot and my face dials up a smile
(Gabbie and Katie of Bronte fame had a lovely time with June this week ...)

Regrets? Not if You follow Dragon's Tips Hitting the Sweet Spot and (Yarin) the Maroccan Feast of Randwick
The Sweet Spot Patisserie makes the best spinach triangle 18 Perouse Rd 2031 Randwick. For special orders call Peter and Angela or Paul (02) 9399 3344
Sticky Weddings

Even stickier Christmas parties Moroccan Christmas party

Randwick personality Georgina Safe wrote last month about her former boss who once told her that if she were ever stuck for an idea for a column, she should open a bottle of wine, then put pen to paper. Creativity, name the price

CODA: Love is wonderful the second time around, as the song says. But the housework load is not necessarily lighter or shared more equally in second marriages.Many men in second marriages shape up, becoming the partners their first wives had probably wanted them to be. They share the domestic chores more equally with their second wife than they did with their first ... Husbands better second time around