Monday, November 10, 2008

Film producer Antony Ginnane, back home after 15 years, wants Australian filmmakers to look outward. If WRITER Bob Ellis had his way, Antony Ginnane and his vault of films would have been burned. Phillip Adams, a key architect of the Australian film renaissance, barely suppresses sneers as he recalls Ginnane's films. At least his remarks aren't personal or litigious Phillip Adams Media Dragon Godfather Just imagine if Ben Ferris of Sydney Film School fame were to say that People who are sound of mind do not make films even films like Cold River …

Can we change the bean counters? Story of ABC's books the stuff of Hollywood movies
Neil Chenoweth who wrote Packer’s Lunch writes again insightful story in the Australian Financial Review dated 08/11/2008. Its accounting practices seem to have allowed ABC Learning its explosive growth - but only for so long.

The Eddy Groves story is straight from Hollywood. It has a little of everything, from Local Boy Makes Good to My Brilliant Career the 19-year-old with a milk run and big dreams, who builds the biggest child-care group to the world: ABC Learning. Then the inevitable sequel: life in the very fast lane and the Years of Living Quite Dangerously - Ferraris, helicopters and everything an American Express Titanium card can buy. It segued gracefully to hubris, Greek tragedy and heartache as, during the past week, the company crashed into administration. Investors have already lost $3.5 billion. Now there is uncertainty for 16,000 staff and 150,00 parents, and the government is wriggling around in severe discomfort. It pays huge subsidies to the 1200 child-care centres and clearly wants to keep them open but hardly needs, in these straitened times, another budgetary albatross. Whatever, some sort of bail-out seems inevitably painful and costly.

The Australian film industry has lurched from crisis to boom and inexplicably back to crisis throughout its short, erratic history. THE Australian film industry has lurched from crisis to boom and inexplicably back to crisis throughout its short, erratic history. Moguls including Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch and Hollywood studios have come and gone from the industry; locals have lamented a paucity of government funding and mourned the exodus of our best talent overseas. The Gorton and Whitlam governments formalised the nascent industry in the early 1970s, establishing among other innovations an experimental film fund, a national film school and the development body that would evolve into the Australian Film Commission.
ABC of Gorton and Whitlam Film Initiative; [The site was conceived in 1995 by Professor Tom O'Regan when the Media Dragon began to spread the parliamentary stories Cold River Research sites; He also questioned the impact Tourism Australia's link with Baz Luhrmann's film Australia, saying it was another campaign aimed at creating awareness rather ... AUSTRALIA has been named the world's No 1 country-brand for the third year running, but analysts have warned it is failing to translate that affection into a compelling case for multinationals to invest here Cold River Exile Country named the world's No 1 country-brand ]
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• · · · · John Hatton lived this stories in 1995 - The PIC's Operation Florida found that between 1985 and the 1995 Wood Royal Commission members of the MCSN's armed hold-ups unit planted weapons on criminal Operation Florida ; Ian Falks whose enfamous fight in US hotel with John Newman became a legend at Parliament House in early 1990s. The accused Crime Commission boss Mark Standen was an independent witness to an interview conducted with a man who gave evidence against the convicted mastermind of the murder of the Cabramatta MP John Newman Mark Standen Looking back
• · · · · · EVIDENCE the former health minister Reba Meagher gave to a judicial inquiry that she had been offered the seat of Cabramatta in preselection manoeuvres hours before the incumbent was killed has been supported by a former Cabramatta community worker Facts and Evidence; FORMER NSW health minister Reba Meagher was offered the state seat of Labor MP John Newman just hours before he was gunned down in Australia's only political assassination, an inquiry was told yesterday