Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Counting Blessings: More expensive wines taste better than cheaper wines, a new study shows. Even when they are exactly the same wine As the Czechoslovak Minister's noted on Morava River the riskier the escape the tastier the flavour of the freedom: ; This is a book which reminds you why you treasure and love freedom ... Cold River

Hungry Media Dragon Time to get tough: How being nasty can improve your life
Being nice can ruin your life, according to the authors of two new books. Their advice? Stop being so pathetic!

My raison d'être, says American psychotherapist Jo Ellen Gryzb, is simply to make people a little less nice. It's been her mission ever since she found herself huddled in her bedroom with her husband one Christmas, whispering about how on earth they were going to get rid of their house guests. I had no idea how to tell them they had overstayed. I was a complete walkover.

Impact Factory; [Strangely enough, it is often when I am at my busiest that I feel the least inspired. My mind is overwhelmed by deadlines and wanting to please art directors, and the end result is that my heart and soul feel a tad neglected. I've been feeling very uninspired lately, because tax time approacheth, and the deadlines loom ever large GARBAGE DELIGHT; Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities ]
• · The 14th and latest One Book, One Chicago selection by the Chicago Public Library is Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye. It's a departure of the other books we've selected," said Mary Dempsey, commissioner for the Chicago Public Library. "We've never done crime fiction. Crime thriller 'The Long Goodbye' selected for 'One Book, One Chicago' ; There is hardly a novelist whose career was as adventurous as Joseph Conrad’s, or whose work raises more aesthetic and political passions. Searching For Joseph Imrich
• · Bottled Cold River: Every year, the clear stuff pours into West Virginia from around the world. Finding self confidence through self loathing; Men of exceptional ambition or ability, it is often said, are more highly sexed than others, though perhaps it is just that their sex lives are more closely examined than those of others. Can there really be a man living, after all, who would relish the idea that every detail of his sex life, past and present, would be revealed to the public and those whom he loves? But if, as Henry Kissinger once said, power is the most powerful aphrodisiac, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's extracurricular sexual activities seem pathetic and furtive, almost adolescent, rather than deeply wicked. Europe does sex scandals better:
• · · An interview with Tom Wolfe on how speech made us human. The human brain has become a sexy subject, with unprecedented amounts of money going toward neuroscience research and ever more books and articles on our gray matter And when an author such as Tom Wolfe turns his attention to the topic, that makes it official ; Sorry, But Your Soul Just Died
• · · · A review of The Philosopher's "I": Autobiography and the Search for the Self by J. Lenore Wright The Philosopher's IMRICH; Actually, Johnny, monsters do exist
• · · · · When non-fiction is less than truthful; How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools Of Us All by Rose Shapiro
• · · · · · Being nice can ruin your life ; The Gruesome Origins of 5 Popular Fairy Tales