Friday, March 07, 2008

NO ONE has ever accused Media Dragon of being shy when it comes to making its pitch for Cold River :-) Radio dreams come alive in the blog PR whistles a different tune

I am an optimist. I believe in our ability to shape the future, right wrongs, make life better and create new opportunities. That's why I am a huge believer in little people who pay taxes and who do make a difference … Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk ;-)

Jogging through the websites Waning influence
Media Dragons came across a recent US survey which notes that 90% of American leaders say dysfunctional behaviours have become acceptable in the workplace. Shifting blame, gossiping and harbouring territorial attitudes are three of the most destructive behaviours. Equally discouraging is the finding that 64% of leaders do little or nothing to change the pattern.

And then there is this - Engage. If you’re going to get the benefits of the Edge you have to spend time there, not just pop in for a quick visit. Anything that starts with “E” is always good by me. Energy, Education, Emotion, Experience and, yes, Edge.

• My wise friend June overcomes all her difficulty in life by imagining that she is like a cork on a huge wave ... Living on the Edge; [In our and/and world, definitions of all sorts are becoming blurred and no more so than the roles of writer and artist, filmmaker and ideas person. To me many people in advertising are stuck in the past, worrying about their ideas being taken seriously as creative contributions. Write STUFF;
As with word-processed files, a lot of metadata may hide in a digital photo. A.J. Levy highlights this fact and provides information about some tools that can help you find it. Finding Data Hidden in Digital Photos ]
• · Blogging the brand | Australian IT ; Hiring blogger ...
• · Blogging can help you feel less isolated, more connected to a community and more satisfied with your friendships, both online and face-to-face, new Australian research has found. News Corp Has Big Plans for; Blogging boosts your social life: research
• · · Mark Bahnisch deploys years of experience to doubting research showing that blogging boosts your social life, while Peter Black looks at Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ apparent dumping of his girlfriend on Wikipedia itself, and also contemplates the death of email. Missing Link Daily; Via Club Troppo and courtesy of Blogpond comes word of a Nielsen survey claiming that 2.3 million Australians have Media Dragons Media Dragons: How many Australian bloggers are there, anyway?
• · · · HAVING an onlife life revolving around sites such as MySpace, Facebook or Youtube does not lead to less time in front of the telly, according to a study. But it does cut face-to-face communication. Diggers Everywhere; Australians DO Blog - number of Australian bloggers
• · · · · It’s not what other people think of you that matters. It’s what they can find out about you on the Web that will affect your ability to get a job or promotion, rent an apartment, buy a house, be accepted into the school of your choice or find the love of your life. How to defend your online reputation: five tips ; Ian McPhee PDF The ANAO’s contribution to improving public sector administration
• · · · · · Gregg Keizer: Corporate executives should think twice about the information they disclose on social networking sites such as Facebook, a Hong Kong-based security company warned today after duping gullible CEOs and finance directors into revealing personal details that could be used for so-called spear-phishing attacks. CEOs on Facebook easy to dupe says researcher, ; Stephanie Overby: There are things you can do in just one third of an hour that can have a meaningful and, yes, even a long-term, positive effect on your life, your job and your enterprise. 20 things you can do in 20 minutes to be more successful at work