Saturday, October 13, 2007

It seems everyone wants to get on the innovation bandwagon, and Media Dragon is no different. Why innovation matters

There's a writer's trick for getting a grasp of large stories. You follow one person around and tell the story through his or her eyes. ... Turn off the television, turn on your brain
Being a citizen of a democracy means paying attention to what is relevant

LAST WEEK I flipped on CNN after I got home from classes, expecting to hear the latest update on Iraq, or what was going on in Turkey after the first Islamist president was elected after decades of secular rule. Instead, I watched "the most trusted name in news" excitedly read off the ever-so-taboo details of now former Senator Craig's star-crossed bathroom romance. Then, CNN updated me on the astronaut love triangle. For a moment I felt as if I were back at my high school cafeteria busily gossiping over the tawdry details of last weekend. Surely these stories rank last in relevance and importance to domestic and world affairs.

Media of Schadenfreude; [I am astonished that some people (and they are not all economists) still believe that consumer decisions are rational and not emotional. Yet here are two more compelling reasons why this is just not so; one from an English philosopher and the other from a German psychologist Go with your gut; Jozef Imrich is a Czechoslovak Australian struggling with his own humanity and his contradictory persona of an iceman, a fascinating amalgam of hot and cold ;-) International Bookshops and Cold River ]
• · If you're looking for a job, here's a new way to stand out from the pack of prospects. The hottest way to land your dream job is to write a blog. Blogs Recommended For Job Seekers As Best Way To Stand Out; It wasn't the subject of Scott's story that stood out; it was the way he was telling it on his LaughingSquid blog. He reported the story by updating the ... Journalism is Burning Or How Breaking News is Broken
• · · Ha ... The weirdness that is Burning Man; AT 107 she is probably the world's oldest blogger and cyber granny Olive Riley may also lay claim to being the oldest YouTube user. World's oldest blogger
• · · · Enterprise Blog and Wiki Success Story from Traction Software - UK’s National Health Service (NHS) Orkney Bill Ives; Digital exchanges Coming to your inbox near you
• · · · · Charter 77 - Same as 69 only you get more explosive memoirs Why we have sex; There is a great moment in Hari Kunzru’s novel Transmission when a young Indian woman working in a Bombay call centre, finds she has developed an Australian accent as the result of mimicking the customers she speaks with everyday. Consumer advocate Paul English has started the Gethuman movement. His website lists the keys that you need to press to talk to a real person on many business and government phone numbers... Human Touch