Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On my very birthday Google Moves Towards Unified Search and an emotional Philippa Yelland described the first moments of her dramatic reunion with her missing children as like meeting strangers ...
Google has announced it is making steps towards a universal search model that aims to search all Google’s content sources and deliver an integrated set of results. It has also updated its home page design and is testing out a new experimental search service. On my very birthday Google Moves Towards Unified Search

While River of Amazon Plays Apple's Song Amazon, the hugely popular online bookshop, has unveiled long-awaited plans to launch a music download service to rival market leader Apple … Amazon said it will sell "millions" of digital music tracks in the MP3 format, free of the copy protection technology that limits where consumers can play their music. Sleeping giant of digital music awakens

Going going Real Estate Virtual
An internet real estate site in Australia is breaking new ground.

Called, it forces real estate agents to compete with each other to sell a property. The web site was founded by Dan Winblad, who discovered this selling idea in Sweden. He noted that the seller puts up details of the property for sale on the site. The property's postcode is automatically matched to real estate agents in the area and they get an email alert. They have to make bids on fees and the price of the property and the seller makes the choice. The operator gets 10% of the agent's commission when the property is sold. The web site gives smaller real estate agents a chance to compete with larger groups

• The Australian Financial Review 17/04/2007 Swedish import woos agents ; [An even better website that gives you the owner control over the sale of your property, Owners online ]
• · If you have ever had doubts about the power of imagination and the power of icons to evoke emotion, this incredible sculpture will silence them. At 20 meters high with a wingspan of 54 meters it soars from its grassy hilltop as a beacon for the skills, the achievements and the stubborn courage of the people of the North-East. Move over Rio. Hello Gateshead... The Power Of Icons; You might have caught up with a list of predictions made in 1900 by the Ladies' Home Journal. Our passion for speed is captured by the prediction that English will be a language of condensed words expressing condensed ideas. We call it texting. Our love affair with takeout food is predicted in detail – they just got the delivery system wrong. Pneumatic tubes never made it... Looking Into The Future
• · When I joined Saatchi & Saatchi, I knew I had to have at my side the most inspirational person I could find in this new world of ideas and creativity. That this person was Bob Isherwood turned out to be one of the most amazing strokes of good fortune I've had in my life... Honoring Bob Isherwood; Honoring Dr Cope
• · · Australian companies are starting to twig that Web 2.0 isn't just the latest trend for designing web pages - it can be a vital business tool. It's web take 2.0