Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The corporate teams that are overdependent on research averages often see their brands fail at a spectacular rate. Their new product introductions seem caught in a revolving door -- what's in and what's out based on "researched" hypotheses that have little to do with actual market behavior. Who Are the Dumbest People in the World?

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: How To Build A Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Campaign
By embracing word of mouth (WOM), marketers can motivate consumer communication and discussion about their brand and generate buzz. Despite a jumble of confusing terms and concepts, planning a WOM campaign comes down to some basic marketing concepts: the audience, the message, the vehicle, and the metrics. Finding the right combination will give a WOM marketing campaign the greatest chance to spread faster than a hot stock tip at a cocktail party.

Many firms have created buzz by making the right target, channel, and content choices. These companies got outstanding results in terms of awareness, participation, and traffic online:
Virgin Mobile; Audi; Virgin Mobile provides insight into its viral marketing activities: Visit for more information on this campaign.

Marketers: Wake Up To Emotive Network Users [ LiveVault; Cetelem is the first financial services company to launch a viral campaign online and through mobile phones Cetelem ]
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• · · He won the battle, not just against the underdog ... and then the dam burst. THE vast world audience who watched the men's final of the Australian tennis open on Sunday night saw an extraordinary spectacle. One of the all-time greats, possibly the greatest player ever, Roger Federer, convincingly and coolly won the title, then broke down and cried The force behind the serve … and the tears ; Lenton record upstages Thorpe
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• · · · · The debt we owe our teachers and mentors One Part Inspiration ; On the pages of medical journals and the cover of Time magazine, in feature stories on network news and nightly jokes in Jay Leno's monologue, there's been a swell of media coverage this past year concerning "the teenage brain." You want mind-blowing? Look at the middle age brain
• · · · · · Warner Bros. President Alan Horn said Friday "We're reevaluating our position on what to do" about the planned film adaptation of James Frey's A MILLION LITTLE PIECES Hollywood Reconsiders Frey, Too ; Company counts royalty, celebrities, children among clients Havel Buggy blazes trails