Sunday, June 07, 2015

Kira Radinsky, the Prophet of the Web and Public Sevices

Using machine intelligence and data mining, this entrepreneur can make predictions about future events. Profile: Kira Radinsky, the Prophet of the Web
Tommy Maranges, AKAPhilosophy Bro (@PhiloBro) has written a book. It’s a translation of Descartes’ Meditations. A translation into which language, you ask? Modern vernacular. Or, as the kids say, “as the kids say.” His version starts off with:
HOLY SHIT *** ME, it feels like my eyeballs are going to explode. I barely remember shit and I lost my phone, I blew the entire Spring Break budget in one night and all I have to show for it is this f******* terrible hangover.

Whild Walkers
More than one in ten staff at HMRC feel bullied or discriminated against at work, while most do not feel the organisation is managed well, research reveals.
Staff head for the door as fundamental leadership failure emerges at HMRC 

  *HMRC survey results

The DHS and the Australian Taxation Office routinely match their respective data sets, and in recent years uncovered 1.1 million instances where around 800,000 welfare recipients reported a different income to the tax man than they did to human services. Welfare fraud

Current NSA Officials Admit Agency Is Drowning In TOO MUCH Info George Washington

 Leadership in the new Department of Immigration and Border Protection — same name; new flavour — requires diverse experience rather than long service, its secretary says. Those who’ve given decades to the old Immigration and Customs are less useful.
Agile leadership trumps long service in new Border Protection team  

Striking public servants at the Commonwealth's largest department are furious after their bosses portrayed them on a computer screen as rats. But the Department of Human Services says the rodent ruckus stems from a simple mistake involving off-the-shelf software and it was not a case of deliberate provocation.

Furry fury as public servants depicted as rats 

*First rats, then toilet paper: public servants' fury over portrayal at DHS

First_hiding_ad.gifThe campaign, if you can call it that, was designed by The 23, an ad agency commissioned by Don Giulio Salumeria, a Moscow-based Italian grocery store whose products reside in a legal grey-area.
The ad itself featured an array of Italian artisanal cheeses, and was displayed approximately 250 meters from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The billboard was rigged with a camera and sensors that could detect, through face-recognition technology, the official insignias worn on the uniforms of Russian police and military officers. Pedestrians would be privy to the Italian goods and the slogan “Forbidden Italian delicacies,” whereas officials would see the poster roll up to reveal an ad for a Russian doll shop.

Russian embargo don giulio salumeria moscow billboard russian authorities