Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rogue Microwave Ovens & Exorcists

A recent article on Business Insider reported that ‘123456’ and ‘password’ were the most popular passwords of 2014. Unlocking Passwords

 Alone together. Every new technology generates anxiety – and art – about its isolating effects: Witness Cocteau, Hopper, and now, Ryan Trecartin... Together alone

Hotels are hiring curators, following prominent artists and decorating their spaces with expansive art collections. They’re getting serious about art, and it’s not just art for art’s sake. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal looks at why, but as a hotel connoisseur I can tell you that it boils down to emotions.

Carlsberg Billboard Doubles as Self-Service Beer Tap


The latest edition of GQ magazine featuring Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
'Primed Minister': Malcolm Turnbull appears on front cover of GQ magazine

 TaxGrrrl, 13 Quirky Beer And Tax Facts On National Beer Day

Rogue Microwave Ovens Are the Culprits Behind Mysterious Radio Signals National Geographic. Tinfoil will take care of that

Vatican to train army of exorcists to deal with rising number of ‘demonic possessions’ Daily Mail


Tools for verifying and assessing the validity of social media and user-generated content Journalists Resource

Washington Post Fact Checker, Who Wrote the ‘IRS Code’? Hint: It Wasn’t the Internal Revenue Service:
On tax reform, we, right now, have more words in the IRS code than there are in the Bible — not a one of them as good.
–Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), speech at International Association of Fire Fighters legislative conference, March 10, 2015
The Fact Checker previously wrote that Cruz’s comparison was ultimately meaningless — not worthy of a Geppetto Checkmark nor a Pinocchio — because saying one piece of text has more words than another doesn’t really tell you anything. A lot of readers responded to us via e-mail and social media — some critical, some appreciative and a few amused.