Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Big decisions with heart; little ones with head ...

“The scenes in All the President’s Men that show Woodward and Bernstein crisscrossing Washington on foot and ringing doorbells at night are shoe leather mythology in its most concentrated form. Making calls is good, but one stepped removed from what is most holy…”

The coming digital anarchy Telegraph. Note this is Silicon Valley sales talk.

AUSSIES rule the world when it comes to our interest in booze, drugs, junk food and clothing, an international study into emoji use has revealed.
SwiftKey, the makers of a popular third-party app for smartphones, has analysed the way people in countries around the world use emoji in a report that looked at more than 1 billion pieces of data sent by speakers of 16 different languages in a four-month period. Some of the report’s findings support common ethnic stereotypes.
The Potter of the World
Orin Kerr (George Washington), New (and Free) Legal Research Tool:
If you use the Google Chrome browser, and you do legal research online, you should add the new Google Scholar Button to your browser. It’s really easy to do. Just click here and add the button. At that point you can use the button to research academic articles using Google Scholar’s database.

Etsy provides a different sort of help in the form of a virtual store, and crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter provide a platform to generate revenue, enabling people to make things happen for themselves. 
Good Ideas Gaining Traction Media Dragon

Sophie Maxwell: A Future Living Will That is Very Much 'Alive

Wall Street Journal, Airbnb Income May Be Tax-Free–But There’s a Catch:
It is one of the tax code’s best freebies: a provision allowing people to rent out their homes for fewer than 15 days a year and pocket the income-tax-free. This break is often called the Masters exemption because of its popularity in Augusta, Ga., during the famous April golf tournament.
Now services such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Onefinestay and FlipKey are making it easier for people to take advantage of the Masters exemption by offering short-term rentals of their homes. Airbnb alone had more than one million listings at the end of 2014, more than triple the number it had at the end of 2012.
But this boon also is putting some so-called hosts on a collision course with the Internal Revenue Service, tax experts say.

Diversity is a wonderful thing. On that note, I enjoyed Siobhan Thompson’s delightful linguistic tour of 17 accents of the British Isles - and the celebrities who speak with them. Celebrity references points of Lancashire (where I hail from) are “Christopher Eccleston or most of the cast of the Downstairs and Downton Abbey.” Revolution begins with language, one million YouTube hits and counting.
Decisions made by Accents

KIND Snacks Founder: Business Must Be a Force for Good [PSFK 2015]